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Post Membership Cards - Details and FAQ

On Jan 1, 2006, we created some fancy new cards. These aren't your inkjet printed laminated cards, but real plastic cards - exactly like a credit card (but without the spending power!).

They're embossed with your name, membership type, and membership date. Regular members, honorary members, and sponsors all receive a card upon registration, no matter where you live or who you are. We value our members, and everyone gets their own card!

Sponsors are entitled to two cards - just let us know who you'd like to have listed.

Use of the card

You can use your membership card to show your ARC membership at a meeting or at a sponsor store to receive your club discount.

When can you expect to receive your card?

Just registered and awaiting your card? Because of the costs of printing and shipping, we batch up the printing so that it happens monthly. All the new memberships from days 1-30 will be ordered right before the following month's meeting. If you signed up on June 1st, it could be July 14 before your card is printed and is ready for pickup.

Your card will be available at the next meeting from our membership coordinator. Your card will be mailed to you if you don't make it to the meeting.

Please keep in mind that we have over 350 members and more are signing up all the time. We have one person (our membership coordinator) who handles talking to people, keeping up with our membership details, ordering and finally packaging and mailing cards. This coordinator volunteers his time to do this. We understand that you would like your card immediately, but without raising dues to cover the cost of getting cards faster and/or more volunteers to help handle the workload, this is the best a volunteer-run organization can offer at the moment.

If you have any suggestions / comments, or would like to volunteer to help, then please let me know.

How long is my membership good for?

You pay for one year, but you actually are credited for 13 months. The card will be dated the one year + the next month from the date you signup.

What about my discount before I receive my card?

Use your paypal receipt for the interim. It'll serve as your proof of membership until your card arrives. We have talked to almost all of the sponsor stores about this arrangement, so they should be familiar with it.

What if I don't have my card or my receipt?

Sorry- you will be denied your discount without proof of membership. The sponsor stores graciously extend a discount to our club members. The least we can do is provide proof that a person is actually a member of the club.

Other question or comment?

Contact our membership coordinator or any Board of Director member (see here)- they'll be happy to answer your questions!

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