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Old 03-05-2011, 6:09 PM   #1
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Fun with Ozone

I got myself an Ozone reactor and set it up a few days ago. I bought the Avast Marine Mutiny II Ozone Reactor and Media Reactor MR5. It is designed in a way that has a predetermined internal pressure of 3 PSI. This pressure is achieved thru the use of a Mag 5 feed pump and a Coralife Luft Pump (formerly Tetra Luft Pump). The reactor includes a Dwyer Airflow meter, and per Avast you want an air deliver of 1-2 SCFH (standard cubic feet per hour). This rate is set by increasing or decreasing the pressure delivered by the Luft Pump.

I initially bought an air drier, but decided to not use it as it is a PIA to recharge the dessicant crystals, so I will just compensate with a higher rate of O3 injection.

I bought the Mutiny II Ozone Reactor, as it is rated for just under my system net volume, and I figured there is a bit less of a chance of overdosing O3 if you are under the rating of your reactor. These ozone reactors and Media reactors are also available in build your own kit form for about $50 less than the prebuilt units.

The air/O3 pathway is Luft pump > Ozone Generator > O3 Reactor> MR5 carbon filter > sump. Water is pumped into the venturi in the Mutiny O3 reactor, and the Ozone/air enters the venturi there as well. Oxidation takes place on the HDPE ribbon media inside the reactor. The water then leaves the O3 reactor and excess O3 is removed in the carbon filled MR5 reactor.

The interesting thing about this O3/media reactor is that there is never more than 1/2" of standing water in either at any time. The water flows up and out thru the center of the O3 reactor top lid kind of in batches, then stops for a couple seconds, then sends more water. All the water and gas come out of the MR5, so it bubbles a bit when it empties into the sump.

I have an ORP probe on my RKE, so I am monitoring and adjusting O3 levels based on the readings, but not controlling the reactor directly. I do have an alarm set that will turn off power to the O3 generator if the ORP of the tank goes above 350, but that is all.

I used a Skimmer (Alpha Vertex 250) initially to add O3 to the tank, but found that there seems to be an upper limit you can push ORP to with this. More O3 production past a certain point and you get a lot of ozone smell in the room, which to me indicates that skimmer addition only works to a certain limit. I have been able to go to a higher ORP in the tank with the reactor than I could get using the skimmer. Adjusting O3 production up or down is like adjusting a calcium reactor. You do it then wait a couple days to see any results in the ORP levels.

Pics below of the basic setup and equipment I am using. If anyone has questions or comments, post them and I'll try my best to answer. The last pic is the Mag 5 feed pump. The return line is a the top of the pic, in front of the return pump intake.

Link to the Avast Marine Ozone Reactor page:

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Old 03-05-2011, 6:24 PM   #2
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Have you noticed any differences in water clarity?

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Old 03-05-2011, 8:35 PM   #3
tgriffin tgriffin is offline
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I don't think Dave's water could get any clearer! Sorry Dave......I know you are shooting for improvement. I just don't think there is room for any!

That is a big compliment by the way. Dave's tanks are absolutely stunning!

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Old 03-05-2011, 8:57 PM   #4
gnashty gnashty is offline
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Darn it.....and I was just over at Hanin's today I should have seen if you had timne for me to drop by. would have loved to see this in person, and your set up.

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Old 03-05-2011, 9:41 PM   #5
Acroholic Acroholic is offline
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Originally Posted by MvM View Post
Have you noticed any differences in water clarity?
Well, I'm not actually running it for water clarity. My water has always been pretty clear, at least IMO. I'm running it because I have wanted to try it, but I am looking for further lowering any organics that I do have in my system, and I was wondering if ozone could also extend the intervals between water changes.

So I do not have any apparent need to do it. Basically just doing it because people that I consider successful reefkeepers use it. There is some talk about it lowering algae levels in the tank as well, I assume from it's oxidation of organics, which I guess lowers the available food for algae. I want to get some experience with it, really. But I want to see if it does more than just clear the water.

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Old 04-06-2011, 2:59 PM   #6
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Dave, have you noticed your ORP increase by any meaningful amount. I'm guessing not. Despite the specs, Mag 5's greatly underpower the unit and if you were to add a pressure gauge to the lid you would see you never get over 0.5 PSI. The gurgling you hear is actually the full release of what little pressure was built up.

Please let me know your results. I also have one of these units as well and had to make several significant modifications to have it perform as desired.

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