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Old 10-30-2009, 9:30 PM   #1
nemofish nemofish is offline
ARC Sponsor
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 340
City: Lilburn
State: GA
400 fish in stock at the lowest price plus discount

Hello Everyone
We are celebrating Halloween weekend only (Sat. & Sun.) with our unbeatable price plus 15% discount for everyone that mentions about our huge stock list on the Atlanta Reef Club website. Come on in and be frightening by our price only at Nemo Fish

Angel Flagfin M $45.00
Angel Six Bar M $45.00
Angel Gray Poma Juv. $27.00
Angel Queen M/L $100.00
Angel Queen XL $150.00
Angel Koran Adult $50.00
Angel Koran Juv L $45.00
Angel Coral Beauty L $20.00
Angel Pacific Blue Pygmy L $18
Angel Potter $35.00
Angel Rock Beauty M $35.00
Angel Asfur L $95.00
Angel Singapore L$30.00
Angel Emperator Juv L $50.00
Angel Emperator Show $ 200.00 male
Angel Bi-color S $18.00
Angel Blue L $65.00
Angel Midnight L $18.00
Angel Yellow L $18.00
Anthias Purple Queen Male $20.00
Anthias Tri-color Male $20.00
Anthias Pink $15.00
Anthias Lyretail Male L $18.00
BatfishRound Faced M $60.00
Bleeny Lawnmover $12.00
Bleeny Golden Tiger $12.00
Bleeny Lawnmover XL $20
Bleeny Scooter M $6.00
Bleeny Red Scooter M $ 12
Bleeny Tailspot L $20
Butterfly Checkerboard L $28.00
Butterfly Golden L $90.00
Moorish Idol M $25.00
Butterfly Copperband M/L $28.00
Butterfly Aurgia M/L $30.00
Fox Face M $25.00
Fox Face Magnificent XXL $90.00
Clownfish Ocellaris S $10.00
Clownfish Ocellaris M $15.00
Clownfish Ocellaris L $20.00
Clownfish Marron M $15.00
Clownfish Marron (pair) $35.00
Clownfish Goldbaned Maroon $30.00
Clownfish B/W L $20.00
Clownfish B/W S $15
Clownfish Sebae M $15.00
Clownfish Saddleback M $20.00
Clownfish Pink Skunk $10.00
Damsel Yellowtail $3.00
Damsel Blue $3.00
Chromis Green $3.00
Eel Blue Ribon L $60.00
Eel Banded Snake Eel $40.00
Eel Richardson L $25.00
Eel Purple L $40.00
Eel Snowflake $20.00
Goby Yellow Watchman $10.00
Goby Green Clown L $9.00
Goby Dragon XL $20.00
Goby Firefish S $10.00
Goby Mandarin L $22.00
Goby Pacific Neon $6
Goby Panda $10.00
Filefish Harlequin L $20.00
Hogfish Lyretail $35.00
Tusk Harequin L $50.00
Lionfish Black XL $75.00
Lionfish Black L $50.00
Lionfish Dwarf L $20.00
Lookdown L $100
Pilotfish $35.00
Jawfish Bluespot XL 4” $60.00
Tilefish Purple M$40.00
Tilefish Flashing M $45.00 (changing color fish)
Tilefish Orange Skunk M $35.00
Bigeyes Squirrelfish 2.5” $80
Puffer Valentine L $16.00
Puffer Dogface L $40.00
Tang Yellow M $25.00
Tang Yellow L $35.00
Tang Sohal L $110.00
Tang Powder Blue S $45.00
Tang Powder Blue M $50.00
Tang Powder Blue L ( strong color) $65.00
Tang Powder Blue XL ( the best blue color) $75.00
Tang Naso S $25.00
Tang Naso M $ 30.00
Tang Naso M/L $40.00
Tang Naso L $50.00
Tang Naso w/streamer Show 12” $100.00
Tang Blonde Naso w/Streamer (fat and handsome) $100.00
Tang Blonde Naso L $75.00
Tang Blonde Naso M $50.00
Tang Black Shoulder (hard to find tang) $75.00
Tang Sailfin M $25.00
Tang Achilles Show size 8” $230.00 (fat and healthy)
Tang Desjardin M $40.00
Tang Desjardin L $65.00
Tang Vlamingi L $55.00
Tang Powder Brown M $25.00
Tang White Cheek M $25.00
Tang Blue Regal M $35.00
Tang Blue Regal M/L $45.00
Tang Chocolate M/L $30.00
Tang Blue Regal L $50.00
Tang Fowleri Show (every beautiful and eating) $150.00
Tang Purple L $85.00
Tang Clown XL (healthy and fat) $165.00
Tang Scopas XL $50.00
Tang Bariene M $40.00
Trigger Crosshatch Male XL $350.00
Trigger Bursa L $50.00
Trigger Blue Line M/L $50.00
Trigger Blue Line L $60.00
Trigger Blackpatch M $20.00
Trigger Pinktail M $35.00
Trigger Titan M $35.00
Trigger Niger (red teeth w/streamer) XL $75.00
Trigger Clown M/L $50.00
Trigger Clown L $60.00
Wrasse Filament Male ( L) $25.00
Wrasse Sixline S $16.00
Wrasse Indo Christmas M $25.00
Wrasse Green Bird L $45.00
Wrasse Green Bird M $35.00
Wrasse Lunar M $25.00
Wrasse Red Coris ( XL) $95.00
Wrasse Masauda $60.00 L (Bodianus masudai) this price is beatable

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Old 10-30-2009, 11:40 PM   #2
ezworld ezworld is offline
Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 4
City: mcdonough
State: GA
Big Sale say no more

see ya in the AM;cant wait;I"ll b sailin to the sale;fellow members if u know like I know ,u'll be there

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Old 10-30-2009, 11:43 PM   #3
christopherjay christopherjay is offline
Join Date: Jun 2008
Age: 28
Posts: 716
City: Snellville
State: GA
Occupation: DC for stone mountain park / security
Other Interests: Off roading,aquatics,Paint ball,Skating
Send a message via AIM to christopherjay
went into aarons place today..Picked up a powder brown tang and a lawnmower blenny along with a fox face!!!..GREAT PRICES AS ALWAYS AARON!!!..This is why I only shop at NEMO FISH..you cant beat his prices!!!..clean store with AC and everyone is willing to help and educate you!!!

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Old 11-21-2009, 1:31 AM   #4
nemofish nemofish is offline
ARC Sponsor
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 340
City: Lilburn
State: GA
Nemo fish 2 is coming soon

Hello Everyone,
It has been almost a month since I posted my last updated stocklist. I was so busy setting up Nemo Fish 2 in Snellville, GA. It will be a little bigger than Nemo Fish 1. I will try to have more fish and more reefs at the new location. I hope we can have our GRAND OPENING IN THE FIRST WEEK OF DEC 2009. Well I will post our new address soon. For this week I have another really long list for everyone to get your tank beautiful ready for THANKSGIVING.

Anemone Carpet Neon Green 65
Anemone Green Bubbletips L 40
Anemone Magnificent XXL 85
Angel B/W M 18
Angel Blue King XL 150
Angel Blueface 1/2 70
Angel Blueface Juv 55
Angel Blueface Show 270
Angel Blueface XL 200
Angel Coral Beauty 20
Angel Emperator Juv 45
Angel Flagfin M 45
Angel Flagfin XL 75
Angel Flame XL 45
Angel Koran Juv 40
Angel Koran Juv XL 65
Angel Majestic M 75
Angel Midnight M 25
Angel Pacific Blue L 20
Angel Queen L 130
Angel Queen M 100
Angel Venutus M 65
Angler Fish Marron Red L 100
Anthias Fathead 35
Anthias Lyretail Male 18
Anthias Purple Queen 30
Bleeny Lawnmover XL 20
Bleeny Twinspot S 12
Boxfish Yellow M 30
Butterfly Black Diamond 40
Butterfly Burgessie M (Rare) 100
Butterfly Copperband L 35
Butterfly Copperband M 30
Butterfly Copperband XL 45
Butterfly Dot&Dashed L 25
Butterfly Latticed 22
Chromis Green 4
Clownfish False B/W M 20
Clownfish Goldbanded XL 40
Clownfish L 20
Clownfish M 15
Clownfish Marron L 20
Clownfish S 10
Clownfish XL 25
Desjardin Tang L 65
Desjardin Tang XL 80
Eel Snowflake M 25
File Redtail L 28
Foxface L 30
Foxface M 25
Foxface Magnificent XL 80
Goby Fire L 14
Goby Green Clown 9
Goby Green Mandarin XL 25
Goby Hi-fin Yellownose M 15
Goby Orangespot XL 25
Goby Purple L 25
Goby Randal M 22
Goby Wheelers M 12
Goby White 15
Jawfish Bluespot 60
Jawfish Tiger 20
Lionfish M 25
Lionfish Red XL 75
Marine Beta L 40
Naso Tang w/streamer showsize 110
Puffer Golden 7" 245
Puffer Spinny 30
School Banner L 37
Shark Banded Bamboo 55
Shark Egg 35
Shirmp Cleaner L 25
Shirmp Cleaner XL 30
Shirmp Fire XL 30
Tang Bariene Show 150
Tang Blackears 70
Tang Blonde Naso w/ streamer XL 85
Tang Blonde Naso w/ streamer XXL 105
Tang Blonde Naso w/streamer L 70
Tang Blue Regal M 45
Tang Blue Regal S 30
Tang Blue Rgeal T 22
Tang Clown M 40
Tang Folweri Show 150
Tang Mata L 45
Tang Naso L 40
Tang Naso M 30
Tang Powder Blue L 65
Tang Powder Blue M 45
Tang Powder Blue XL 80
Tang Powder Brown L 30
Tang Powder Brown M 25
Tang Regal Blue Yellowbelly XL 115
Tang Regal BlueYellowbelly L 85
Tang Sailfin M 25
Tang Scopas XL 50
Tang Shortnose Unicorn 45
Tang Yellow M 30
Tang Yellow S 25
Tang Yellowtail 65
Trigger Black Hawaii XL nice color 90
Trigger BlackPatch 25
Trigger Crosshatch Male 9" 350
Trigger Niger M 23
Tusk Harlequin XL 60
Tusk Harlequin XL 80
Wrasse Green Bird L 45
Wrasse Green Bird XL 55
Wrasse Leopard M 20
Wrasse Leopard XL 35
Wrasse Multicolor 20
Wrasse Red Coris XL 100
Wrasse Yellow Coris 17
Wrasse Yellowtail 30

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