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Old 12-31-2016, 11:13 AM   #1
porifera23 porifera23 is online now
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ARC Member discounts

Hello everyone! Planning to officially become a member today and I was hoping someone could provide a breakdown of which sponsors offer what discounts.

There is another thread that mentions some offer 10% while others offer up to 20% on dry goods. Do we have a list on which shops offer what?

Thanks in advance.

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JennM JennM is offline
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As a rule, most sponsors offer 10% with proof of membership.

You can check the sponsor forums for details with each sponsor.

Click the forums tab, and from the drop down menu you will see one for sponsor forums, and from there, a list of all the different sponsors and details are on the posts stickied at the top of each sponsor's forum.

Welcome to ARC!


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Bcavalli Bcavalli is online now

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Welcome to the community. All of our sponsors offer the 10% discount and I'm not entirely sure who offers any higher discount. You can check with the LFS closest to you and ask the manger it can't hurt to ask.

If you haven't had the chance yet, you can check our sponsors forum where they have more information about each sponsor. Here's the link.


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Old 12-31-2016, 7:01 PM   #4
aXio aXio is online now
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Can't speak for the others but we offer 15% off to ARC club members on both livestock and drygoods at Premier

Jakub Lapinski - Premier Aquatics Manager
Premier Aquatics - (770) 321-8404

aXiomatic - taken for granted : self-evident or unquestionable.

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