View Full Version : Any Athens reefers?

08-03-2006, 11:35 AM
Wondering if there are any Athenians with reef tanks that browse this forum. It would be nice to do a little networking for selling/trading frags, sharing info and do some coop-type buying to save on shipping costs for net ordered specimens and bulk items.

There only seem to be 2 sources for saltwater stuff in our town, and both seem to be very over-priced. And with gas prices being like they are, I'm not thrilled with the idea of travelling to Atlanta (though a group trip might be nice to visit some of the nicer stores).

Anyway, just thought I would let me know if you're local and interested.

~shaman moon

08-06-2006, 8:18 PM
I'm in Athens. I don't have anything to trade since i'll be setting up my new tank for my dorm soon. Athens fish store usually has some nice stuff in, but this year hasn't been as good. I have gotten some really good deals there before. The prices may have gone up bc of gas and the fact that they are also fixing up another store in loganville. I really like the people that work there, especially the owner. I only buy occasionally from Petland bc they are really expensive. Actually i have only bought one thing from them, it is quite nice and i alsom had 5 dollar off but yea. sorry for rambling! if you have any frags you would like to sell let me know, i'm looking since the fish store hasn't had much lately.

08-10-2006, 10:11 AM
Just to let you know, My leather has decided to frag itself and within the last few days I have found about 6 little ones around the tank. They aren't attached to anything yet, but I don't nned them. I'm either going to trade them into the fish store or see if anyone else wants them.

08-10-2006, 10:44 AM
Congratulations on your leather babies!

I'm only into the first few weeks of getting my 12G nano set up. So far so good. My diatom bloom is almost gone. And I currently have a bubble coral, torch coral, and small xenia and candy cane well as a small clean up crew.

At the same time, I am also underway with setting up a 30G reef tank with a 20G refugium. Hoping to finish up the fuge this week end and put it online. No live stock yet for either.

I'm also just finishing cycling a 55G freshwater tank that I intend to stock with plants and unique (but compatible) freshwater livestock.

I got the aquarium "bug" after returning from a 2 week trip to Thailand videotaping aquaculture facilities (both fresh and marine, both food source and ornamentals).

I had a salt tank about 30 years ago, so the whole concept of using live rock and refugiums has been extremely fascinating.

I would love one of your leather frags, but about all I might have to trade at this point would be some live rock (or I should have some green mushroom frags in the near future).


08-10-2006, 11:30 AM
I'll get these attached to some rock, unless you don't need them it to be. I'm about to move into my dorm so the next week or so is going to be hectic I imagine. I'm going to set up a small 5 or 10 g in my dorm. The owner of Athens Fish Store said that he and his friend are in the process of making some "nano cubes" of thier own with the filteration and lighting all included. He said he hope the outcome will be better than the nano cubes. SO I'm planning on buying one of those. The leather is still fragging itslef as we speak, I have no idea how many I'm going to end up with, I count 6 right now and I keep finding more. I
ll let you know when I get them attached. I would love either LR or mushrooms for my new tank. Some of the frags are big and some of them are tiny (like one branch compared to about 5) I'll try to get pictures tonite.

08-14-2006, 11:39 AM
Well, I'm not in Athens, but I live in Carl (between Winder and Auburn). I also work in Norcross, so I'm a little closer to the LFS's on a daily basis (I pass by Under The Wave often).

I used to have several Reef and FOWLR tanks, but a house fire a couple of years ago took me out of the game for a while. I'm big into DIY. I drill all of my tanks and build the overflows. I also do the plumbing and lighting. I am just starting back and have a couple of tanks "aging" as we speak.

I don't have anything to swap yet (still working on some new lighting). But, I don't mind paying a couple of bucks, or buying a couple of beers when we meet for a swap.



08-18-2006, 9:39 PM
Hi I'm in Athens too. I currently have a 58 gallon fish only tank (2 baby triggers (Clown and Picaso) and 2 baby puffers (stars and strips and dogface) and I just started up my reef tank. I don't have anything spectacular in it yet but I would love to get my hands on some corals, more live rock and other fishy stuff here in Athens. Let me know if you want to sell any of your new little corals. Maybe we can start a little frag group or something here in Athens.