View Full Version : Drilling a tank full of water

11-17-2007, 9:22 PM
Was gonna let everyone know--you can drill a tank that already is set up with water and fish in it. Last night, Chrisjet and I worked until the late morning hours drilling both my tanks (a 100 and 135) with four holes each. I've gotta admit, I was a lot nervous. I mean 135 gallons of water on the living room floor is kind of a scary thought. :o But, like I said, anyone that was wondering, it can be done, but I would HIGHLY recommend drilling tanks when you get them and they are dry w/o water and livestock. From what I understand, you can drill any glass tank as long as the glass isn't tempered. I will be posting photos ina few days, and thanks again Chris.:thumbs:

11-17-2007, 9:24 PM
Had fun Eric, it was a little nerve racking especially when you werent sure if they were tempered LOL!!

11-17-2007, 9:28 PM
oh yeah--we can laugh about it now--just really glad it wasn't tempered.