View Full Version : 180Gal Complete System For Sale

07-15-2006, 2:52 AM
I would like to sell a 180 Gal tank w/ Stand and homemade hood system. The tank is an All-Glass with mega-flow. The system also includes Dart return pump (4500GPH), wet/dry sump, protien skimmer, UV Str, PhosBan Reactor 150, 300W heater. I'm looking for $2500 on the system on +100lb. LR. I'll include the lighting system for $600 extra obo. The lighting system includes 1x400W MH, 2x175W MH, 2x32W PC, and 1x65W PC. All bulbs is less than 2 months old.

email me at nprakongpan gmail com if you are interested.

07-19-2006, 1:28 PM
how much for 1 of the 175 mh and bal.

07-19-2006, 3:12 PM
Do you have any pictures?

07-20-2006, 3:07 PM
ill take the 175 if chadvwhite dosent get them.

if he does i will take the 400.

08-01-2006, 1:09 AM
what would you want for the LR?