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06-07-2006, 3:45 PM
Hi All -
I am selling two established Odyssea, all glass, bowfront 10 gal tanks, including the entire setups and fish, etc. I would prefer to keep the tanks set up AS IS, as they are thriving!!!! I have two under two (kids) and my hands are too full to continue to manage these tanks, plus we are considering a move out West. Both configurations are very different, 6+ months old, and really wonderful to watch.

Here is what I have in Tank #1:

4 Total Gobies (they said it couldn't be done!)
1 - Watchman Wheeler Goby, Randall's Goby (male with beautiful fin) BOTH in Symbiotic relationship with a candy-stripe Pistol Shrimp. Facinating to watch. Both gobies are huge, and share all kinds of burrows uder the live rocks with the pistol shrimp. They didn't have a relationship when I got them, but ALL 3 formed one immediately! The Randall's Goby guards the holes most of the time, while the Watchman lives inside the tunnels with the pistol shrimp. The pistol shrimp was tiny when I got him, and is now about 4x his original size.
2 - Green-Banded Goby & Red Head Goby (Ecquador). Both came after the shrimp gobies, and have done very well. Both smaller than the shrimp gobies (esp the breen-banded), as they arrived very tiny. Everyone said I couldn't put 4 gobies in a 10gal tank, but it has done really well! Both of these gobies stay on the rocks and around the bottom of the tank. They don't associate with the shrimp gobies.
3 - Three good sized "sexy" shrimp (anemone shrimp). Very cool to watch, hanging out all together on the rocks, waving their rear-ends in the air. These guys are awesome to watch!
4 - 11-12lb live rock, established since beginning with lots of hot pink/green algae. Really neat configuration for the little guys! 4" live sand, some crushed coral as well. All natural tank with nothing bleached in there at all.
5 - Some various snails & hermit crabs.

Here is what I have in Tank #2:

1 - Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp. This guy is HUGE, and has been in the tank since the very beginning. He molts every few weeks, as he is a complete PIG when he eats! We call him Jacques (Nemo!). Very friendly, and jumps on your hands to clean them when you put your hand in the tank. He is really entertaining to play with and feed.
2 - Fire Shrimp. This guy is even bigger than the scarlet cleaner shrimp! I didn't know they would get so big! He molts a lot as well, and is more reclusive. Beautiful shrimp!
3 - Flame Hawkfish (we call him Fred). About 1.75-2". He has been in the tank since the very beginning as well (started right after we cycled it!) and is VERY hardy fish! He is such an awesome fish...I will really miss him the most! He has such an amazing personality, and is such a hoot to watch! He has made it through everything!!!! He and the cleaner shrimp went in the same day together, and get along great!
4 - Orange Polyps (I think) & Xenia growing on some of the live rock.
5 - Various snails and mexican red leg hermit crabs, blue leg hermit crabs. Gotten much bigger.
6 - 11-12lb live rock, very good state with tons of green/hot pink algae. 4" live sand on bottom. Nothing bleached, all natural tank as well.

Here are some other things I will include:

1 - Two tank thermometers
2 - Some salt water (pre-mixed - maybe 4 gal?
3 - Four Supplements: Reef Solution, Phytoplankton Reef Blend, Garlic Guard; Para Guard
4 - LOTS of Frozen Fish Food including: Mysis Shrimp (sheet size AND cubes too); Herbavore Minced (cubed); Brine Shrimp (cubed); Oyster Eggs (small container); Blood Worms (cubed); Tublifex Worms (cubed). These fish has been WELL cared for, and have had a great diet. I also have some flake food too.
5 - Some test kits: Tetra Test PH; Nutrafin Nitrite Test; Nutrafin Ammonia Test (last two never been opened...bought recently)
6 - Floating Magnet (Mag Float) Never Opened.
7 - Top Fin Gang Valves: 3-way metal (never opened); two of the 4-way, two of the 2-way, with a bunch of silicon hoses for dripping fish into tanks.

Well, that's about it I guess. I am asking $200 for each tank, or $375 for both together, OBO. They are both thriving though, so I would really like to keep them as is, if possible. Please contact me for more info or questions. We need to move these ASAP.

Please email me for digital pics..I have 7 of them, but they are all too big to post here. Happy to email them to you! :-)

Thanks -

Ms. K
06-07-2006, 9:35 PM
PM sent

06-26-2006, 10:14 AM
Has this been sold yet? I'm interested.


Patrick N.

Ms. K
07-06-2006, 3:02 PM
The livestock is all gone, but she may still have the tanks.