View Full Version : WTT:Paintball marker for Halide/PC setup

02-17-2006, 7:56 AM
Got out of competition paintball and figured maybe someone out there may have a metal halide/ pc setup they may interested in trading.I have a 2002 Angel LCD with maxflo 4500 with charger.The marker and tank were about $1200
new.There are also several upgrades.I recently replaced the lcd screen and ckt.board.I`ll post some pic`s later.The lights will go in a 92 corner so they need to be about 36" or a descent retro set.prefer HQI.Maybe 2 175 or 2 200`s or 250`s.You can call me at 706-799-0649 if interested.Thanks.Rick
I would be willing to sell also if interested..