View Full Version : Some things for sale!

02-05-2006, 1:07 PM
Macro 150w HQI pendant and ballast includes Icecap 15k bulb - $150
Nice small pendant that comes with hanging kit that allows it to raised
and lowered effortlessly and set at any height.

48" 2 X 175 MH fixture/ballast - $250
Black powdercoated aluminuim fixture (48" X 13" X 6") comes with a 2 X
175w Energy Savers Unlimited (Coralife) magnetic ballast with enclosure
and quick disconnet. Fixture was previously equipped with VHO
however no ballast or endcaps included. Clips however are still in place
so it would be an easy upgrade. Includes two Hamilton 10k bulbs.

DIY Canopy for 24" tank - $150
Unstained/Unpainted DIY canopy that has a 70w MH setup installed
The MH setup includes a DIY pendant, electronic waterproof ballast, 10k
Ushio bulb and all wiring.

AGA 29g glass tank converted to refugium/sump - $40
Baffles in place. Not drilled

AGA 20g glass tank - $20
Oak trim.

Pics of all items are available.