View Full Version : FOR SALE (kind of off the subject but still...)

02-03-2006, 4:51 PM
4 1/2 in Red Eared Slider Turtle
w/ 20H tank
w/ a "stand"
its a black tv stand that we bought at good will, its sturdy and will hold the tank full of water, it has a cabnet and a open spot for whatever else you need.
20lbs black gravel
Floating Turtle Basking Log
501 Canister Filter
Basking light
plus whatever else i have laying around..
plenty of food, enough for altleast another 3 months

The turtle its self is a boy, hes kind of a wimp, he doesnt really like eating fish, he has about 8 small rosie reds, a large comet, and a pleco in his tank that are his buds, he will not eat them for anything. He would be a good pet for a kid, I have had him since he was the size of a half dollar.

price? make me an offer, not looking for some huge amount. The filter and the log are the only things that really cost a lot of money...