View Full Version : we have lots of fish and corals avaibable sale

Deep Blue Aquatics
04-03-2012, 4:07 PM
Queen angle 6in to 9in $140
black gray angel lg $60
french angel xlg $140
blue tang lg $55
flame angel m $29.99
sunburst anthias $34.99
diamond goby $m$14.99 lg $19.99
tomini tang $30
naso tang haw md $39.99
kuda seahorse tr $30
niger trigger $19.99
watchman yellow goby $12.99
mandarin green goby $24.99
cleaner wrasse$14.99
red snapper emperor lg $49.99
yellow tang small $20
squamipinnis anthias $24.99
alots of zoan and palys new
hawaiian sticky punch
hawaiian ding dang palys
miami vice palys
twilight pink palys
daisy dukes zoanthids $10 head
purple death palys $14.99head
blue charms wysiwyg $10 head
sc's big pinky $10 head
sc's pincess sunflowerzoan (rare) ?
Acan echinata nice color $10 eye
favites yellow $10 eye
lobo phyllia indo or aus $30 to $120
red eye chalice $15 eye aus
yellow eye chalice $10 eye aus
tyree key lime mango sherbert myceium$10 eye
big eye rainbow watermelon chalice $50 eye
scs'fireflies chalice $30 eye
mushroon rhodactis superman $10 eye
mushroon ricordia green orange $10 head

04-03-2012, 5:50 PM
I would love some Miami Vice Palys.Do you ship in Ga?Any pictures of the scs fireflies chalice?