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11-29-2005, 8:05 PM
THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am selling my beloved 54 gallon tank that I have learned so much from. I just purchased a 200 gallon tank. This is a great tank and would be a great gift. Here is the listing i have on Ebay - Please feel free to email at or call me at 404-271-2029 for any more info or to stop by house in Alpharetta to check it out to discuss a price. There is a picture below. ameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem


The 54 gallon corner bow front is a terrific all around home or business aquarium. As far as bow front aquariums go, it is relatively inexpensive. The 54 corner bow occupies very little space. Most of us have that corner that needs “something”. What better than a beautiful home aquarium? At 54 gallons big, you have enough capacity for either a great tropical tank or a stunning salt water reef aquarium. All in a aquatic display compact enough to fit into the smallest corner and yet big enough to create your own personal aquatic universe.

The 54 Gallon black trimmed corner fish tank (38x27x22) comes complete with 100% Black wood corner stand. This is a whole package set up with extras. Comes complete with Orbit Powercompact Lighting 30” 2x65 watt with Lunar/Moonlighting with built in fans , Extra Replacement Sunpaq 65w Dual Daylight Bulb , Won 200w Pro Heater with temperature controller, Seaclone 150 Skimmer, Two Maxi-Jet 600 Powerheads , Fluval MSF Professional Canister Kit , Saltwater Master Test Kit, Exotic Enviornment Stony Coral Impression Decor (6 pieces), large glass algae scrub pad. Sand also included.

Auction is only for items listed, no corals, fish, or live stock is included in this auction.

Tank is used, but in pristine condition. There are no leaks and everything works perfectly. Everything was bought eight months ago except the power compact light, which was bought only 1 month ago. This light is awesome since it has the moonlighting effect. I am selling this because I purchased a larger used tank. This is a great starter tank either freshwater or saltwater. It is in great condition and I have had great experience from this tank. I have been an aquarist for 15 years and this system is great for beginners who desire either a quality freshwater or saltwater tank at a GREAT price.

Auction is only for items listed below, no corals, fish, or live stock is included in this auction.

Detailed Auction Item Descriptions

54-gallon Black trimmed corner tank
Real curved glass makes Corner Aquariums dramatically different and the center of attention in any room. Their innovative and new design allows more flexibility for decorating and can turn any room into a beautiful display of tropical or marine fish. Corner Aquariums provide a full 90 degrees of viewing area and their deep triangular shape allows for dramatic decorating ideas. All-Glass' corner aquarium design was awarded "Best New Aquarium Product" at the 1997 American Pet Products Manufacturing Association show. There are no leaks.

Matching Black 100% Wood Corner Stand Distinctive design and 100% wood construction with black solid base and frame makes this a custom stand for this beautiful corner tank. Generous cabinet space, child-proof door.

Orbit Powercompact Lighting 30” 2x65 watt with Lunar/Moonlighting with built in fans Creates the ultimate dawn to dusk effect with the pro-grade Orbit. It packs the SunPaq Dual Daylight (10,000K & 6,700K), Dual Actinic (460nm 7 420nm) and Lunar Light together in one sleek, fan-cooled fixture. It offers the leading technologies in one 24-hour lighting system that gives you one small step to take for a gigantic leap in performance. Uses Japanese style square pin bulbs included. Comes in original box and instructions.

Extra Replacement Sunpaq 65w Dual Daylight Bulb Promotes maximum growth, replicates tropical sunlight and ultra-crisp full spectrum white light, rare earth tri-band phosphors emit the ultimate spectrum for living reefs. 10,000K Daylight , 6,700 Daylight with 18 Karat Gold Plated Pins. Also compatible with 55 and 65 Watt, Square Pin Based Fixtures. Brand new.

Won 200 watt Pro-Heat IC Titanium Heater with temperature controller
o Controlled by micro computer with high precision of ±1°F
o Chemical resistance of titanium is very good service (no effect-excellent) against sodium chloride (NaCl) - SALTWATER
o IC means integrated circuit
o Titanium heating tube
o Fully submersible
o Automatic protection device activates when sensor wiring is disconnected or shorted.
o Double heating tube
o Very durable & reliable
o Safe & easy temperature control
o Aquarium IC thermostat uses IC to control the heater to adjust desired aquarium temperature
o Operating temperature range: 68º F to 93º F

Seaclone 150 Skimmer Aquariums up to 150 gallons(3" Dia. x 18" T)
The newly adapted Seaclone Protein Skimmer is taking science of marine fish keeping by storm. Features include an exclusive Turbo-Venturi Injection System, an extra-large collection cup, and a custom Vortex Reaction chamber that creates a powerful waste removing "cyclone" to efficiently remove dissolved organics from aquarium. Hangs on aquarium. Complete with Maxi-jet aquarium pump and all fittings. Instructions included.

Two Maxi-Jet 600 Powerheads (Pumps 160 gph) Two powerful Powerheads included. Multi-use submersible pump, ideal for powering filters and moving water (key essential for aquarium success) Fully sealed, silent motor will not over heat. Includes full rotation outlet and venturi aeration device with silencer. Unique 3 suction cup mount prevents wobbles, tips, or slide.

Fluval MSF Professional Canister Kit (14 1/2" tall) The ultimate multi-stage filter. Pumps 260 gph., for aquariums up to 70 gallons. Multiple chamber design offers complete versatility in media selection and maintenance. Unit comes with foam blocks for mechanical and biological filtration, Bio-max pre-filter media for mechanical filtration, and carbon for chemical filtration. Additional features included - self-priming design, unitized hose assembly, recessed seal ring, ceramic impeller shaft, aqua-stop hose shut-offs, adjustable outlet adapter, increased capacity, and twin foam screens. Instructions Included.

Saltwater Master Test Kit Includes tests for high range pH (7.4 to 8.8), ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Fast, easy to use, and accurate liquid test kit. Kit comes complete with test tubes, test tube holders, snap tight caps and complete instructions. Includes information on what test results mean and how to correct any unsafe aquarium water conditions.

Exotic Envionment Stony Coral Impression Decor Comes with 6 assortment pieces to decorate aquarium.

Algae Glass Scrub Pad Extra large blue pad to clean algae

CaribSea Aragonite Substrate Sand that was in my reef tank can be taken as well. CaribSea aragonite buffers to the highest pH and delivers more calcium, carbonate and trace elements than any other substrate. Since sand was in my tank it is great to use for next setup.