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Deep Blue Aquatics
02-22-2012, 11:44 PM
Eye o the tiger leptastrea $15 frag
meteor shower $15 frag
red and green wellso lg $80
green and purple wellso lg $65
green wellso lg $60
ora huacinth birdsnest $10 frag
ora birdnest paradise $10 frag
ora green birdnest $10 frag
ora green cap$10 frag
ora green digitata $10 frag
ora purple cap $20 frag
ora spongodes $15 frag
ora orange cap $10 frag
ora pink polyp cap $10 frag
red cap $10 frag
devils armor paly $5 head
mohawr paly $5 head
valentine paly $5 head
acanthas trea echinata $10 head we get three color
micromussa aus $5 eye we get two color
blastomussa wellsi aus $15 head we get three color
acan bowerbanki hillae aus $5 head we get ten color
acan rainbow you can ask price
a lot chalice
cleaner shrimp lg $20.99 md $15.99
crocea clam 1st grade 3 to 4 in $39.99to $49.99
queen angel 6in $100
blue angel 6in $65
black angel lg 7 in $65
ballon porcupine lg$50
spiny box puffer md $20
high hat md $25 lg $39 .99
coral crab emerald $4.00each
candy can 2head for$5.00
yuma orange rain bow $55 head
ricordia green orange or rainbow $20 head
caribbean lion fish md $25.99 md $35.99 lg $40