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02-11-2012, 8:14 PM
hello every one im from columbus ga and love corals and fish!! i just have a 20g tall nano just started about 3 months ago. its doing real well and hope to pack that thing full of beautiful corals. :fish: happy reefing everybody :thumbs::yay:
here are a few pics of my tank
def. a work in progress

02-11-2012, 8:21 PM
Welcome! I am pretty new myself and I actually also have a 20 tall! :thumbs:This is a great site with very friendly, helpful members! There is a wealth of knowledge available here!

02-11-2012, 8:24 PM
thats great to hear 8)

Ripped Tide
02-11-2012, 8:24 PM
Hey Nathan, we are glad you've found us. There is an annual frag swap taking place on the 25th of this month and you are more than welcome to come check it out.

02-11-2012, 8:25 PM
Welcome to the ARC.

02-11-2012, 8:31 PM
i WILL be at the frag swap on the 25th hope to meet all you great people and see some nice corals 8) coming with 10+ reef addicted people from my city 8) i cant wait!!

02-11-2012, 9:46 PM
Looks like you're off to a great start. Welcome! I have a 12g nano about the same age.

02-12-2012, 2:01 AM
Welcome-you came to the right site for good information!:yes:

02-12-2012, 8:06 AM
Welcome welcome. Sounds like you guys need a small bus from columbus!

02-12-2012, 12:29 PM
I've met a few members i've purchased corals from and everyone is awesome. I'm new too and I have a 14 g biocube. I recently purchased a used setup (72 g, 10 g sump and 12 g fuge) and I'm excited about it. Welcome!!!