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Here are some of the corals we have in stock now that you can buy at the store before BIG FRAG DAY FEB 25. Taking picture from my phone so it is not the best quality for these corals. All corals are from Nemo Aquarium at Stone Mountain.
4757 Stone Mountain Hwy.
Lilburn, GA 30047
store: 678-684-0098
cell: 404-503-8975

Picture #1 & 2
Good Selections of LE Paly available starting at $15 per polyp and $5 more for each additional paly (sale price does not applied to picture #2)

Picture #3 & 4
A huge selections of Favia for my favia lover club members. Just to name a few here
X-mas Favia, Dragon Soul Favia, War Favia, Prism Favia etc. All favia will be $20 each when you buy 3 or more it will be $15 each. Dragon Soul will be $20 firm.

Picture #5
Orange and some Multi color Ricordea Mushrooms. All ricordea will be $20 each when you buy 3 or more it will be $15 each.

Picture #6
Blastomussa. We have Bright Red with Neon Green Center, Purple with green center, Orange with Green Center, Red with Blue Center, Neon Green, It is on sale at $15 per head. These blasto are going fast!!!!

Picture #7
Aussie Fungia (plate cora) and Indo Chalice
All available Chalice will be $20-$35 depend on size. $40 Orange Fungia, $50 Yellowtip Orange Fungia, $150 Rainbow Fungia, $30 Green Helmet Fungia, $ 85 Wagon Wheel Rainbow Fungia.

Picture # 8
$180 Orange Heart shaped 5"-6" A lot of Aussie Orange Torch for $45 per big head or $40 each when buy 2 heads or more. Not included in picture pink, green and bi-color frogspawn branch $15-$20 per head. Aussie Green with Pink tip Frogspawn wall 4" and 5" for $75-$85
Bi-color Wall Hammer 4.5" $ $85

Picture # 9
ACAN must see this baby frag under blue light..... It is BEAUTIFULLLLLL. Check out picture.
All Acan frag is for sale at $15 for your first head anything after will be only $5 per head. (Limit 10 heads per purchase please)

Picture #10 & #11
Ultra Wellsophyllia these two are giant... Very nice colors and grow up to 8" $125. Rainbow Modern Meat Coral. This Tri-color Meat Coral grow out to be around 5". Rare colors pattern $140. Green Modern Meat Coral 3" (picture not included) $40

Picture #12
SPS.... we are start to carry more SPS now, so be patience with me on selections on SPS. Here are what we have now in stock.
Branched Orange Montipora 3" $35
Purple Bonsai Garden Acro. 2.5" $55 or .5-1" frag $ 20
Millepora Pink 4" $45 or .5-1" frag $ 20
Blue Echinata 4" $ 65 or .5-1" frag $ 20
Aussie Yellow Table Coral 6"-8" $120 or .5-1" frag $ 20

Edit: here are the rest of the pictures

Edit: here are the rest of the pictures

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You will see this stuff at the frag swap : )