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01-08-2012, 12:12 PM
I am super glad someone stepped up to the plate to accommodate the Augusta area with salt water toys.

My first encounter with Ryan was several months ago via telephone. He referred me to someone with a fish I wanted. Super nice guy.

My second encounter, I bought my Reef Octopus 3000int from him. Awesome price. The skimmer was not in stock at the time, but it arrived within 2 days. He actually called me as soon as the skimmer arrived so I could pick it up. A few fish stores I have dealt with, waits til its convenient for them to call to tell you to pick it up. Normally the convenience is the end of the business day and I normally have to wait until the next day. Anyone that knows me, If I want something, I want it right then.

My third encounter was a coral purchase. A joker acan and blasto coral. AWESOME corals. GREAT price. During this visit (friday), I wanted to buy a trio of Bartlett Anthias. He told me it would be a few days for the order to be placed. A couple of days later, (monday) he called me and told me it would be a couple days longer because the supplier was out of a Male. I was not upset one bit, I was super stoked someone actually called me and was courteous enough to give me a heads up.
(I before had ordered from other vendors and not heard anything for weeks, and then receive an email with a shipping number, revealing I have to wait another 5-10 days for the product to arrive :( )
Anyhow, I received my anthias trio within a week, several days earlier than I expected. Major cool points in my book.

My fourth encounter involved the police, because I did not want to leave the store. He had to get me removed from the property. J/K :)

In my experience, Ryan has proven to me he will literally bend over backwards to fulfill request.
Thanks for the kindness and your patience. I will see you tomorrow to pick my sps frags.

01-08-2012, 12:50 PM
I'd have to agree; so excited to see something here in Augusta that's worthwhile. I've been buying corals from Ryan since I started in this hobby, and that won't change. Awesome store so far, and it has SO much potential. I can't wait to visit again!

01-08-2012, 3:21 PM
I just hope he doesn't decide to move to ATL. hehe :)

01-08-2012, 6:04 PM
more likely Minnesota!

01-08-2012, 7:46 PM
+1 well worth the drive from the big city! Ryan's a super guy with quality stuff and aims to please. Just can't say enough about reefworks Top notch