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Ralph ATL
12-18-2011, 7:33 PM
Quality, instock, & service!

Well, I must say.....I have found my favorite LFS!

Back in Sept I had treated for Red Bugs.....again.....arggggg...anyway, that killed my 2 beautiful Trapezia Pocillopora Crabs (acro)! Awe!

I had been asking Jeremy for a week or 2 about getting some in....Well instead he made TOM go into the main display tank and catch the two that were in there! Whoaaa! That's service! :-) I'm happy!

Live fresh blackworms? where are ya gonna get those? My Wrasses & Clowns LOVED them! OMG! It was fun checking them out!

Well, I'm still cooking my extra rock in vinegar, then salt, then extra Kent m, blah, blah, blah...I'll be another month 'til it's ready....So I picked up a nice piece of dry rock from worries there....His live rock is beyond beautiful, but that's just not for me...


cleanup crew...some snails, 30 bluelegs, peppermint shrimp.......

His selection of fish that is high quality QT'd is awesome, but I am overstocked with 4 Leopards, a Halichoeres claudia, pair of Nemo's....etc....I still managed to pick up a neon gobi...

Oh, he had Elos Test kits....sorry, but I bought online! D'oh!

and looksie at my orange monti in his display tank!

sorry for I-phone pic!

12-19-2011, 2:01 AM
Orange? It looks purple. Thats one heck of a monti! Pictures like this are what inspire me. What is the blue-green coral in the upper back left?