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Atlanta Aquarium
10-28-2011, 4:57 PM
Hi folks. I got lots inverts in this week. Horseshoe crabs came in varieties of sizes. Same with Peppermint shrimps. Tiny to large.
Several serpent star came in. Cheap starfish.
Knobby starfish came in really really nice. Must see.
Astrea snails are fully stocked again.
1000 pcs or so of blueleg hermits came in.
I have lots of fish right now. Just got finished plumbed another fish system. Woohooo! I can have lots more fish in the store.
I got lots more corals this week. Lots of colonies had been sold. Still plenty of nice colonies left.
I have lots of fish avialable.

90 gallon RR marineland tank. $250.00. Great price. 2 came in today. I probably can get more for the same price.
29 gallon biocube with stand $450.00. Awesome deal. One left but I probably can give raincheck if need be.
All mag drive pumps are 20% off

IO Reef crystal salt $49.95
Regular IO salt $44.95

Lyretail trio $85.00. Nice sizes

Rainbow monti $17.50
phonape birdsnest, large frags $17.50 each
ORA green birdsnets, large frags $17.50 each

Peppermint shrimp $4.00
Cerith snail still $0.75
Horseshoe crab $9.95

10-28-2011, 6:03 PM
Any chococlate starfish or cheap starfish need food for the harly

Atlanta Aquarium
10-28-2011, 6:15 PM
Yes, I do. They are large.