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Dear Friends:

Have you been using Canadian Mysis ?

With a Protein content of 69 % ?


[B]Now there is a New and "Much Less" expensive alternative !!!

Start saving $$$$ right now ! with:!oZZ2QQcurrentZZhttp%3A%2F%2Fs1177.photobuck 3Faction%3Dview%26current%3DAquaTrasuresLogo.jpg

It is the VERY SAME Mysis !
From the VERY SAME Lake in Canada !
With the VERY SAME Nutritional properties !

So why pay more ? :thewave:

From now on you can purchase :

Aqua Treasures - MYSIS SUPREME

Great for finicky aquarium fish!
Packed on Zip Bags top preserve quality, prevent freezer burn and smelly freezers.
All natural Mysis with no binding agents, no gels, no aloe vera, no preservatives, no chemicals or fillers.

Packed in Canada (BC) in flat packs of 4 oz, 8 oz and 16 oz.

START SAVING RIGHT NOW, using this great product, at a much less expensive price.

Mysis Supreme is harvested using a unique live on board process where its flash frozen immediately, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality product possible.

What makes Mysis Supreme such a fantastic fish food?

Outstanding Value - Only 100% Freshwater Mysis Relicta with no water added

Exceptional Nutritional profile containing the following:

High levels of important Omega 3's, rich in EPA/DHA for superior growth and health.

Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant which naturally enhances color and boosts immunity.

Exceptional Protein loaded with long branch chain amino acids.

Mysis Supreme is harvested from clean glacier fed lakes.

Harvested live which maintains the whole animal and flash frozen immediately for superior quality and value.

Mysis Supreme is tested regularly and is pathogen free.

Mysis Supreme feed on nutritious phytoplankton which translates into increased nutrition for your fish.

Mysis Supreme is sodium free.

Mysis Relicta competes with the juvenile Kokanee for food and as a result has had a negative effect on returning Kokanee populations. The Mysis Relicta harvest helps to reduce this competition therefore creating a more competitive environment for the juvenile Kokanee. Each year Aqua Treasures contributes funds to aid provincial monitors in assessing rates of Kokanee returns, water level assessment and overall health of the lake ecosystem. Every pack of Mysis Supreme sold contributes to helping increase survival rates of Kokanee salmon.
Aqua Treasures believes in giving back to the community where it operates. Aqua Treasures principles have been involved in the freshwater Mysis Relicta harvest in BC Canada for a decade in an effort to help restore the populations of wild Kokanee salmon to historic levels. Every package of Aqua Treasure Mysis Supreme fish food purchased contributes to helping increase the survival rates of juvenile Kokanee Salmon.

Guaranteed Analysis % (From Dry Weight)
Crude Protein (Minimum) 69.5

Proudly Distributed in Georgia by Dr.G's.

Many Thanks for your Support !


08-14-2011, 1:40 PM
awesome. Gotta pick some up