View Full Version : Shout out to Itsamyheff

07-27-2011, 1:30 PM
Just wanted to say thanks again for comin out and looking at my AC today.

If anyone is looking to get their system serviced like I was, def give him a call :up:. One hour and my system is working better already!

Seth The Wine Guy
07-27-2011, 2:06 PM
He already took care of my house and he's doing my rental property this week!

07-27-2011, 4:13 PM
He is the man!

07-27-2011, 4:32 PM
My AC serviced as well...

Edit: Yup,
My AC serviced as well...

07-29-2011, 8:15 AM
Thanks again guys for the kind words. Let me know if you need anything.