View Full Version : Hairy Mushroom ID/Health Request

07-18-2011, 12:20 PM
A few months ago my family picked up a very small, almost solid white hairy mushroom from a LFS. It had a few small purple spots/sections on it, so it looked quite "unique".
Believing this to be an issue with parameters/lighting/placement/feeding, etc. I was curious to see what colors would appear as it grew.

It has been growing, more than double the size when purchased, but there is NO color at all on its main section and it is almost completely transparent. The only color in the body is white threads that look like it separates sections on the "body". It does still have the white hairs, with purple spots on the tips of each hair.
My other mushrooms in the tank are fine, so I'm stumped as to if it is a discolored "purple" shroom, or something different. It "acts" fine, and looks fine, just no color. Any ideas?

07-18-2011, 12:44 PM
Oh, before someone asks, parameters have been pretty stable. An occasional increase in nitrates corrected with water changes (and a newly added skimmer). Increased alk (18) due to incorrect PH buffer being used (bringing down now with water changes).

Temp: 82-84
PH: Stable at 8.3
Nitrates: 0-5ppm normally
Nitrites: 0
Ammonia: 0
Calcium: 400-450
Phosphates: 0-0.5ppm
Kh: 18 (Reducing to 10 over the next week)

An occasional nitrate increase corrected by water changes, and current high alkalinity which will be corrected with a water change tomorrow.

Also, there are no other corals near this one that could harm it.

2nd and 3rd pics are of other hairy mushrooms in the tank that have not been having any issues.