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Jeffrey Jackman
07-28-2005, 9:31 PM
Well Established Salt Water Aquarium set-up for sale!!!

· 155 Gallon, Bow front ALL GLASS Dual overflow Aquarium (Made by “All Glass” Dimensions are long 6’6” x wide 2’ x 2’ tall)

· Oak Stand and Canopy

· 2x 250 mw Metal Halide Lamps and Bulbs (with timer systems)

· JBJ Retro-fit Kit with 2 blue 65 watt compact light bulbs for dusk/dawn lighting effects (with timer system)

· Large protein skimmer

· UV Sterilizer 36 watt with pump

· 130 watt JBJ compact light with bulbs (this is on the 20 gallon refreguium tank below the main tank)

· 220 JBJ compact light with bulbs (4x 55 watt lights, from previous tank)

· 215 gallon rated sump with bioballs and dynitrificating block

· 115 gallon rated sump (not in use, leftover from previous tank)

· 20 gallon Refugium tank (There is a drain hole drilled on the side to
flow into the sump)

· 20 gallon Low height breeding tank

· Over 185 lbs of very established live rock & over 140 lbs of Live Sand

· Mushroom coral

· Orange star coral

· Brown Polyps

· Red/yellow polyps

· Red Bubble Anemone with a pair of Maroon and gold band Clowns MATED PAIR

· Occeleris clowns pair

· Medium size Purple Tang

· Medium size Blond Nasso Tang

· Six blue-green Chromis

· Buda Cardinal

· Lots of snails and red-legged crabs

· Several sand cleaning cucumbers

· Queen Conch

· Red starfish & 3 sand sifting starfish

· 2 Cleaner shrimp & 2 Peppermint shrimp

· Over thirty separate stalks of Xenia (Pomp, pomp pulsating soft corals)

· 2 Pencil urchins

· An assortment of cleaning supplies, chemical supplements, 2 cases of frozen food on a roll, and various test kits

$5000 For Everything…OBO!

Call 423-619-5210 (Chattanooga, TN area)

Pictures available