View Full Version : The ARC Welcomes Our Newest Sponsor Dr. G's Marine Aquaculture

03-31-2011, 4:20 PM
The ARC would like to welcome out newest Sponsor, Dr. G's Marine Aquaculture, to the ARC Sponsor Community. Dr. G's is based in Florida.

From the company website:

"Dr. G's Marine Aquaculture products were developed by a medical doctor committed to helping preserve our oceans and coral reefs.

By aquaculturing the basis of the marine food chain-phytoplankton - a full marine aquarium product line has developed that improves the health, color and growth of aquacultured corals and marine fish.

All of the testing and formulations have resulted in the perfect
combination of products for marine aquariums.

From nutrition to maintenance, Dr. G's are some
of the best quality products available to maintain
the perfect marine environment in a tank.
It's as close as you can get to bringing the
ocean indoors!

Dr. G's Marine Aquaculture. The finest
marine and salt water products
available for your aquarium. Proudly
(made and grown) in the USA. Fully
certified for Aquaculture by the
State of Florida."

Dr. G's website is:

Their Sponsor forum is open.

04-04-2011, 11:11 PM
these is good news i use these and my clams and coral love it