View Full Version : Help needed with Calcium Reactor/PinPoint PH Controller

07-15-2005, 12:44 PM
I have a newly set up 120 gal system with appx 150lbs of LR and a clean up crew. I purchase it along with a Aquatic Life Systems C reactor, effuent chanber and pinpoint controller. If you have not set one of these up before, you can't (at least i can't) with the instructions provided. I picked up a 10lb C 02 cannister so I am ready to proceeed but need assistance in setting it up properly.

BTW - thanks for the response to my post on finding a Co2 tank. I saved $100 purchasing it from Linde over LFS. Anyway. if there is a club member who lives in the Lawrenceville area willing to make a house call, Im willing to provide lunch, dinner, beer whatever. Also wouldn't mind as sanity check/opinion on my setup (microbobbles driving me crazy).


07-15-2005, 8:20 PM
I can likely help you out this weekend. Did you say beer? 8)

I will PM you my phone number so you can call me. I am in L'ville as well and have some spare time tomorrow afternoon.

We can probably get the reactor running and so some bubble busting.