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07-13-2005, 11:01 PM
Hello Reef Club Buddies!
I need to know any and all information about the Interceptor drug for heartworms in dogs and cats and for treating red bugs on Acropora. At my store we are initiating a quarantining treatment for our acros in earnest and we have many beautiful specimens that need help. All we've seen on web searches is mention of "flavored chewable tablets" (!). What I need to know is what form is best for a 10 gal. hospital tank, how much to use, where to get it, etc. So far I've heard mention of an 8 hour hospitalization at 5 to 10 x normal dose, but what is that for how much water and in what form?
We never stop learning in this hobby. It is a blessing that now at least we have a chemical that has been found to be an effective treatment for this plague. One has to wonder if previous years of white band disease and related autolysis syndromes might have been catalyzed by these organisms. As Invertebrate Director at my store I am regularly challenged by coral pathologies of all kinds and I have had great success with many of these conditions. Likewise I intend to lick this one as well and I would greatly appreciate any helpful information from my many friends in the club.

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07-14-2005, 5:41 AM

Your enthusiasm for this issue is very gratifying. I hope we can have our next meeting at FS&M to see your new systems - and maybe this would be a good topic.

I am going to cross post this on our forum on - there is a thread about red bugs, and, of course, reef central has a number of posts that you can look about dosing, etc.

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07-14-2005, 10:11 AM
That is awesome Porter. Once you get that going, I think advertising that the Fish Store and More has such a quarantine process will be a big selling point.