View Full Version : January Specials and Closeouts!

01-21-2011, 3:56 PM
As January starts to come to a close, we'd like to offer some special pricing on some items at Some of the items listed below are specials and some are marked at close out pricing! Either way, great stock up prices. All items listed below are in stock and ready to ship. (While supplies last.)

Have a great weekend!

10% Off UV Lighting In Stock VHO Lamps 24", 36", 46.5" and 48" (
25% Off Korallen Zucht Coral Light Lamps 24" and 48" (
40% Off Prodibio Iodi+ (
40% Off Prodibio Stronti+ (
10% Off Aquatic Life Ro/DI 100 GPD Deluxe (
10% Off Skimz E-Series SK201 Protein Skimmer ( - Only one left!
15% Off Blue Life SPS 400w 14k Lamps (
25% Off Select Giesemann Mogul Lamps (
15% Off Blue Life SPS 400w 14k DE Lamps (
10% Off Ecoxotic Modules and Stunners (
$349.00 Octopus Extreme 250 Skimmer ( - While Supplies Last
Boston Aqua Farms Frag Plugs ( - 5.00 per pack
Boston Aqua Farm Frag Disks ( - 4.00 per pack
IceCap Reef Illuminations 4' 6 T5 2 LED Light Fixture ( - 399.00
Icecap T5 End Caps ( - 8.50 per pair
XM 175w 10K Mogul Lamps ( - 39.99(58.00 reg.)
Aqua Science Lamps ( ) - Close Out Pricing!
20% Off the following Brightwell Items:
Carbonit P 11.3 kg
Alkalin8.3 250ml and 500ml
Alkalin8.3-P 250g and 500g
Calcion 250ml and 500ml
Erase CL 250ml and 500ml
Elemental 800g
Liquid Reef 250ml and 500ml
Kalk+2 225g
Magnesion 250ml and 500ml
Max Amino 250ml
PH+ 250ml and 500ml
PhosphatR 175ml and 250ml
Phytocrom 250ml
Phytogold M 250 and 500ml
Phytogreen S 250ml
Reef Code A 250ml and 500ml
Reef Code B 250ml and 500ml
StrontionP 150g
Strontion 250ml
Zooplanktos M,S and L in 250ml and 500ml