View Full Version : FS: 71lb rock, koralias, maxijets, biocube ballasts, etc.

11-06-2010, 5:43 AM
Pretty much fell off the planet and haven't had tanks up for a while, but in dire need of cash so all the extra stuff must go. You guys can use it more than me.

Pickup in Powder Springs near Casteel Rd off Dallas Hwy. Will be available Saturday after noon and all day Sunday to pick up since I need this stuff gone!

Please email as I won't check the forum for questions or to reserve items for pickup.
- Some dry Eco Rox from BRS (10lb)
- Some sun dried rocks (26lb)
- Some rocks kept in water but not "live" (30lb) Several more pieces not shown.
- Some rubble (5lb) not shown

$2.50/lb. and 71lb total, most rocks weigh around 5lb each, I've already weighed each rock if there's a specific amount of rock you are looking for.

- Sand, not sure how much but at least 20lb. Free if you get 30lb or more of rock.

- Current Nova 24" T5 fixture with bulbs, used for 7mos $45
- Lighting system from 29gallon Biocube:
- 2 ballasts $60
- 2 stock lamps, never used $20
- reflectors, wiring, and moonlights (some wiring was cut to easily remove from hood) $20
- or all of the lighting system for $85

- 1 100 watt Aqueon submersible heater, used for about 3 months

- Koralia Nano 3 available. 2 at $20 each. 1 has red piece that attaches it to suction/magnet part broken off, still works, but piece is broken... $15.
- Koralia 1 $25
- Koralia 2 $20
- Maxijet pump 900 used $15
- Maxijet pump 1200 used $15

- 12 gallon Nanocube with lid, hinges removed. New fans included but not installed. $60

11-06-2010, 8:44 AM
Pm sent on Koralia 2/rock

11-06-2010, 12:07 PM
I am interested in both maxijet pumps but i think ur a bit far from me

11-06-2010, 1:59 PM
Price on heater is $15.

Koralia 2 and 12lb. of rock sold.