View Full Version : Maxi Mini Anemones

10-11-2010, 5:00 PM
I have 3 for sale. Around 2" inches in diameter.

$30 each

Pickup in West Marietta - Dallas Highway and Barrett Parkway


Shrimpy Brains
10-11-2010, 6:24 PM
Can you post pictures?

Although I am pretty sure I want them anyway! :D

Oops, the pic just took a minute to load! lol PM coming!

10-11-2010, 8:42 PM
Id like one. can i paypal you to hold it for me till next weekend?

10-14-2010, 6:41 PM
Still have some available. Also have a couple SPS frags for sale

1.5" frag of Monti Setosa - $30
Fully encrusted frag of Rainbow Monti $15