View Full Version : Hqi halide bulb advise please

10-04-2010, 9:03 AM
Probably time to change out my halide bulbs. This month will be one year in service.

I am currently running 14k Phoenix HQI bulbs on my Aqua Medic 4x250 fixture with electronic ballasts. I like them just fine. Growth is great! Color is great…but I would not mind a bit more blue... even at the sacrifice of a little growth.

Since I run 4 bulbs…would it be crazy to run two 14k’s and two 20k’s?

Anyone running 20ks?


Any advice welcome…


10-04-2010, 9:38 AM
I use the 14K Pheonix bulbs as well for the last 5-6 years and lately, I would like a little more pop as well. I also have T5 Actinic and it isn't quite blue enough for me.

I was thinking of replacing the T5 with blue LED but not sure that is the way to go.

Tagging along for suggestions...

10-04-2010, 2:30 PM
Yep. I supplement with actinics too but would still like to see a bit more blue.

Dont get me wrong, love the Phoenix bulbs! From what I have found researching, a Phoenix 14k compares pretty closely to a 20k Radium anyway.

Just looking for someone with 1st hand experience.