View Full Version : 30lb of quality live rock (plus other misc - tanks,etc)

05-08-2005, 10:14 AM
Hey...i am the same guy who posted below..."selling everything -37 gal...."
but after recieving multiple emails, private messages, and phone calls...all asking to buy my live one has actually shown up! try this again:

The first person who can get to Marietta with cash gets:
30lb live rock plus whatever live sand is in tank, plus a couple of leftover snails...for $100

I also still have:
37 Gall Tank
Eclipse Hood - Filtration/lighting bio-wheel system
(adapted for Lee's Protein Skimmer)
Tank Stand (black wood)
misc chemicals, test kits, and other equipment
10 gallon tank for quarantine setup with powerhead, etc

$175 or best offer

Ready to move on this stuff!.
call 404-273-4174 if you are ready to make offer (or have further questions). Ready for pickup Sunday May 8th after 4pm- Marietta/East Cobb