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2009 ARC Philanthropy Project: Gwinnett Medical Center Duluth

In 2007, the ARC was awarded a little show called MACNA; you may have heard of it. Very quickly, a group of volunteers began working tirelessly to pull off the most successful MACNA to date! So, with all of the success we had with MACNA XX, the club had to decide on what it was going to do with the profits. The 2008 BOD decided that it would solicit proposals from the membership and go from there. A few proposals were submitted; the review and vote of which was postponed until 2009. The 2009 BOD reviewed the proposals and approved a combination of a couple of those proposals.
One proposal of interest was submitted by our current Vice President, Michael Foote. For the past couple of years that I can recall, Michael has been rallying to get an aquarium installed at a hospital. There have been many failed attempts, but he didn’t let that discourage him and he continued to push. We all wanted some way to immortalize the club. Since MACNA XX was such a grand event, we needed an equally as grand project as a memorial. What better memorial to represent the Atlanta Reef Club than a reef aquarium?

It was then, in May 2009, Michael, with the generosity of Chris and Lisa Payne produced the ARC’s first aquarium donation to the Glancy Rehabilitation Center in Duluth.

From this donation spurred an article in the MASNA Publication “Marine Scene” and an article in the “from the heart” newsletter for Gwinnett Medical Center.

Patients, guests and hospital staff fell in love with the donated reef and the affliction set in. The club’s generosity and the public’s response to the new aquarium piqued the GMC administration’s interest in aquariums and their therapeutic effects. It was at this point Michael approached Gwinnett Medical Center Duluth about a possible aquarium in the main lobby. He spearheaded the project for a year and just when all hope was lost, the stars aligned and everything fell into place: GMC Duluth was on board!

The club wanted as little liability as humanly possible with this project. GMC administrators were advised to seek counsel from professionals and come up with a plan for the aquarium. GMC Duluth then sought out bids for their new aquarium project. They selected a vendor and waited on news from the club. The 2009 BOD approved a donation for an aquarium at GMC Duluth. GMC administrators were ecstatic and scheduled a "big check" ceremony.

Wanting to make this a truly monumental occasion for the club, two proud ARC members (Raj and Tim) pulled out their checkbooks and matched the club’s donation, doubling the available funds for the aquarium project! Michael and the GMC administrators were beside themselves. The club’s generosity really made a hard hitting impact that day; hopefully the aquarium will continue this impact for many years to come.

Wanting to have the aquarium installed by the holidays, work on the project had to be completed quickly and with extreme precision. Engineering meetings were scheduled and fabrication began immediately. To enhance the impact of the project, Southeast Aquariums donated a controller, livestock and additional funding to increase the size of the aquarium!

Custom Sump:

Custom powder coated steel stand:

Stand in place with sump:

Aquarium installed on stand:

Plumbing it all together:

High Output UV Sterlizer:

MRC Orca Pro I Protein Skimmer:

Cabinetry installation:

After all components were fabricated, the installation was scheduled. The entire installation and aquascaping was completed in one day. The aquarium was then hidden behind drapes until the official unveiling. Live sand and procured live rock was used in the installation. Live bacteria cultures were introduced to cut cycle time down dramatically. The aquarium was ready for livestock just in time for the unveiling.

GMC organized and held an unveiling event for their new aquarium. There were some speeches by GMC associates and club representatives preceded by a fully catered buffet. It was an amazing event for an amazing project.

Michael (aka. Amberjack)

Raj (aka Skriz)

Tim (aka The Hit Man)

Lea Bay: President, GMC Duluth

Jason Chandler: President, GMC Foundation

The evening, and project, ended with the official unveiling of the GMC aquarium. The Atlanta Reef Club succeeded in a project that it can truly be proud of. This project was a culmination of many years of hard work and dedication. None of which would be possible without the loyal dedication of ARC members.


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'Atlanta Reef Club'

"Be Proud, be very Proud"

Ralph ATL
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VERY awesome!

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exceptional work guys

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MESSNER can go home,

I have a picture as proof the YETI does exist:

see the beast lurking in the dark?

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And this thread is proof eternal for every person who ever says that this club isnt worth it. This is pride like none other for this club. And I can only imagine the pride that Raj and Tim must feel even beyond that. And the shame their wives must feel for having to sleep in the same bed as them and live their lives with them....

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And shut it Robb, before I have to break out the ban boot. Here's more your style:

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Two more yeti sightings!!!!

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I took a good long look at this terrific project when I was there this past tuesday.

One word....WOW!

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That is really amazing guys

Miami Dolfan
07-30-2010, 10:34 AM
Great Job, guys. Reading this made me very proud to be a member of this club.

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Proud of you guys and the ARC!

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THIS is exactly what we all live for in this club. Great work guys! That tank is simply amazing! Excuse me now cause I think I'm gonna go and cry.

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Oh wow! That's soo purdy!

08-04-2010, 9:37 PM
THIS is exactly what we all live for in this club. Great work guys! That tank is simply amazing! Excuse me now cause I think I'm gonna go and cry.

:doh:I thought we lived for women and booze!

08-05-2010, 12:48 AM
:doh:I thought we lived for women and booze!
Wrong "club":D

08-18-2010, 2:20 PM
The Clubs tanks are getting alot of exposure now. A few weeks ago, Tyler Perry filmed a few scenes at Glancy Rehab. They all checked out our tank and nothing but compliments.

ABC / Disney is filming a 'made for TV movie' here at Glancy Rehab, yesterday and today. Really cool stuff.

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You know it!