View Full Version : FS:Frag tank/stand,MH Light,Sump, Water Pumps

07-22-2010, 7:01 PM
Shut down my frag tank last weekend and have the following for sale, please PM with your email address for pics:

Acrylic Frag Tank 48" L X 24 1/2" W X 12" T overflow on one end some scratches and coralline build up. Bottom line its a frag tank
Asking $150

Stand for tank (homemade could use a fresh coat of paint) $50

Acrylic Sump 36" L X 16" W X 16" T believe it was a wet dry at one point $50

48" Coralife Aqualight pro (2) 150W MH and two PC's with lunar lights (I know you have heard this before but the bulbs are truly 6 months old

External water pumps purchased brand new, used 6 months:

Gen-X PCX-55HP $100
PCX 40 $80