View Full Version : FS: Nanocube 12DX w/ Many extras, Seaclone Skimmer, CHEAP

06-01-2010, 1:19 PM
YES, I am re-posting this thread due to 3 people who didn't come through. I also raised the price so that maybe I will have more serious buyers, but this is still a very good deal overall.

I have for sale a Nanocube 12DX and stand with several upgrades and accessories. No scratches on the glass or leaks.
- Nanotuners 3.24 lighting upgrade, one light does not fire and it probably needs a new bulb end which is approximately $4 from, the wiring and ballast are fine as the same ballast fires the other bulbs. I do have 2 spare bulbs to include as well
- SilenX upgraded hood fans to keep the tank and lights cool
-Approxamately 8lbs of rock, used to be live rock, will still work perfectly once colonized with bacteria again
- Magnet algae scraper
-Hydor 50W adjustable heater
-Clip on lamp with 3 spare bulbs to grow cheato in the rear chamber
-Maxi-jet 900 pump
-B-Ionic Two part mixture, about of each container left
- 90% full Aquavitro Ions, Magnesium supplement
-One digital timer
- Corallife digital power center to control lights and pumps, etc..
-In tank surface skimmer
-About 1/2 of a 50lb bag of Reef Crystals salt

Asking $100 for it all, I do not want to separate anything.

Instant Ocean Seaclone Skimmer 100......ASKING $30, can send pics upon request.
-Works perfectly
-Comes with everything needed to operate
-For tanks up to 100G supposedly