View Full Version : Collecting trip to Uruguay

05-24-2010, 11:51 AM
I know this is a salt water forum, but lots of people keep fresh too, I do. I take people on collecting trip to central and south American and thought I would post this here to see if any of y'all would like to go.
Leave November 29 to December 12, 2010. 13 day trip will be to Western and Central Uruguay, We will collect the Rio Quaquay (Paysandu) then the road to Ansina (Rio Tacarembo) up to Rivera, then Artigas (Rio Curieum), Belle Union and Constitucion (Rio Uruguay)then a few days south to either Rio Yi, Aqua Blancas, Maldanado or Paso Pache. We will stay in hotels and on working ranches when on the road for the first part of the trip and finish around Salinas staying in the guest house across from Felipe's. We will be visiting some places that have never been collected before.
Many species of Gymnogeophagus, Australoheros, Cichlasoma, Crenicichla, livebearers, tetras, plecos, ect. I can take 8 to 9 people, Each year these trips fill up fast, Total is $1700 to $1900 per person (depending on how many people go, but I have never not had a trip filled) all inclusive except airfare. My airfare from Atlanta runs about $800 each year. Price includes all in country travel, lodgeing, food, export permits, ect except alcohol. We will have the best guide in the buisness Felipe Cantera (
If interested contact me at ( I need a $500 deposit to hold your spot. Ken