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04-17-2005, 10:11 AM
Hey all I am starting to get the equipment together for my 120 system and was wondering if anyone around Atlanta has built sumps in the past for other people or would any of you recommend a specific sump? Please post up!!

04-17-2005, 12:40 PM
Not trying to steal this thread, but I'll be starting on my 120 in about 3 weeks after I move into my new place.

I was thinking of a 3 section sump with skimmer on one side, Refugium on the other, pouring into the middle. Depending on my budget, may start with a calcium reactor, PH monitor, etc. This'll be my first reef tank.

I'll be reading!

Thanks, JoeJoe

04-18-2005, 8:10 AM
ARC sponsor, MyReef Creations will custom build acrylic sumps. These are durable and well built. For the least dollars, folks buy a used glass tank and silicone in partitions and diamond drill bulkhead holes for pumps. As in all things in life, buy the biggest you can fit; the more water the more stable your system. Oh yeah, it helps if you know the sizes of the skimmer you intend to stick it in the sump, unless you buy one of Andy's MR-3 brand. Those he knows the size of...

04-18-2005, 5:34 PM
His business hours make it difficult. :cry:

The Hit Man
04-18-2005, 6:51 PM
Yes , But it is worth the effort :D

James S.
05-10-2005, 3:27 PM
thats awesome