View Full Version : Help please- What would cause this?

03-28-2010, 6:16 AM
I just bought a new fish.. a Fairy Wrasse. he is in quarantine, and seems to be doing fine.. eating, swimming around, etc.. BUT he keeps going up to the top corner of the tank and "biting" the top of the water them goes down a little and blows bubbles. He only does this every once in a while, but I've never seen it before.
Tested water:
PH 8.3
didnt test alk or calc
temp is 78 in QT tank.
Any ideas what this is? Is he sick or just blowing bubbles?

Ralph ATL
03-28-2010, 10:11 AM
do you have a powerhead in there? make sure you aim it up a little so the surface breaks some for O2.

03-28-2010, 6:46 PM
Yes, there is a PH in there. I will try to angle it up a little more..

03-28-2010, 8:10 PM
I had a crazy foxface that used to do that. I thought it was pretty funny. There was nothing wrong with him; he just liked blowing bubbles.

I would be sure you are getting some oxygen into the system. QT tanks are generally smaller, and often we don't run skimmers, which are a good source of getting the oxygen in.

03-28-2010, 8:22 PM
When I was doing fresh water, that behavior was building a bubble nest...

03-28-2010, 9:51 PM
I tilted put in another PH and tilted it up so it breaks the surface.. He is still doing it, but I think maybe he is just playing. No I'm not running a skimmer on the QT.

It's not a lot of bubbles like a bubble nest just a couple.. more just biting the top of the water..
Come to think of it I have seen my fox face do it too once or twice.. He's not sick either and is in the main display..

I guess I'm just being a worry wart. lol I really like this fish. Super pretty colors. Not sure which kind of fairy wrasse he is.. Mostly purple with a hot pink head and bright blue stripes on the edge of his fins and tail..also a bright purple and blue stripe going down his side.. I'll post a pic as soon as he's in the display with good lighting..