View Full Version : decimated aiptasia...

02-22-2010, 1:09 AM
I grabbed a couple of peppermint shrimp from Jenn a couple of weeks ago for my frag tank, threw them in and only checked today... NO AIPTASIA

these guys must have been hungry as hell (my frag tank wasn't a pretty sight)... you might have to feed them a little more Jenn !!!!!


02-22-2010, 6:15 AM
I just picked up a dozen of them for my 30 cube...... Hopefully they will help.

02-22-2010, 7:27 AM
I will share what has worked for me without fail in the past

You will need 1 syringe with a large whole in the needle (pm if interested and I will check the size when I get home)

Boil water or heat RO very hot, fill syringe with water and immediately inject deep into the center of the Aptasia....when it shrivels and darkens immediately suck the aptasia out with the syringe. You will know you got it when it fills the tube. Expel into sink and more aptasia

It has never failed and you do not get any seedlings floating around your tank and its gone for good!

Good Luck

James S.
02-22-2010, 8:19 AM
Your lucky, I buy them and never see them again....

02-22-2010, 9:02 AM
Yeah. Peppermint shrimp for whatever reason seem to die in my tank as well. I think i've had 5-6 of them and they all seem to disappear.

I think my marine betta might be eating them.

02-22-2010, 9:08 AM
yeah i can keep shrimp either, they get killed too.
ive heard that my engineer goby might be having something to do with that.
shrimp might keep the aiptasia from growing, but they wont get rid of it. as soon as the shrimp are gone it will grow back, or if you trade off a coral , the new guy will get it too.

02-22-2010, 11:04 AM
I bought 6 peps.....and apparently they have fallen to Davie Jones' locker. Aptasia growing strong and steadily spreading.......peppermints never seen or heard from again.

My tank isn't set up to be easily accessible. So the Joes Juice and such that requires injection isn't a fix for me. I thought about trying the nudis, but wow.....$25+ per and I've heard mixed reviews. I thought about a CBB, but.....I have the psycho tang that would probably torment him to death.