View Full Version : MH/T-5 or T-5 fixture for a 225 reef

02-13-2010, 4:24 PM
I'm looking to upgrade my lighting on my 225 reef and was looking for opinions. I was originally thinking a MH/T-5 combo, but I am now indecisive if I should look toward just a T-5 fixture. The tank dimensions are 72x24 with a 30" water depth. Current corals include softies (too many colts, xenia and gsp), elegance, cup and I would like to include sps in the future. I do have an enclosed canopy on the tank with about 4" clear, but I feel any upgrade will require removal of the top portion of the canopy.
Will a T-5 fixture with 12 bulbs (6x36" on each side) be sufficient at 468 watts? Or do I need to stick with looking towards a 3x150 watt or 3x250 watt MH fixture?

Thanks for the help!

02-13-2010, 4:44 PM
If halides, I would say 3x250 over 150's any day of the week..

12 t5's would work for what you want to do also I think.. But replacing 12 t5 bulbs is going to cost more than replacing 3x250 MH bulbs..

02-13-2010, 6:43 PM
I have the 72" T5 HO fixture w/12 bulbs (6 each side) in my 210 (84 x 24) and it works great. Fits in my canopy nicely. I am not doing sps but was told you can do pretty much anything with that much T5 nowadays. You have a bit more depth so its a toss up. MH may be more of a long term solution for you, for sps that is..