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Ms. K
03-14-2007, 9:21 PM
Bought my first house \:D/ I'm a big girl now!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I just have to be thrifty. Ramen noodles and chicken pot pies every

03-14-2007, 10:01 PM
Congrats! It is a great feeling to have "YOUR" house!:thumbs:

03-14-2007, 11:17 PM
Congrats!!! I love having a house. You will love it!

03-14-2007, 11:28 PM
Now that makes me feel old. I remember buying my first house... a decade ago. Big congrats. Home ownership can be very satisfying.

03-15-2007, 9:37 AM
:yay: Now the best part,:confused2: YARD WORK! :yuk: PLUMBING! :confused2: YARD WORK! :yuk: PLUMBING! etc..:eek: :lol2: :unsure: :D I've got a couple of homes and I love it.:thumbs:

03-15-2007, 9:38 AM
Congrats! Now the best part: planning the overly elaborate fish room!

03-15-2007, 1:44 PM
I bought my house before I got back into the hobby..... if it was the other way around, I would have looked at it differently.

03-15-2007, 2:21 PM
Now that makes me feel old. I remember buying my first house... a decade ago. Big congrats. Home ownership can be very satisfying.

You think you feel old. Almost 2 decades here. Congrats though. It's one of the best things you can do for yourself financially. Assuming you didn't buy over your head with a interest only, etc.

It's amazin how much you'll spend with a house. The trickle effect is amazing when you start adding it all up!

Ms. K
03-15-2007, 4:36 PM
Things are going to be tight for a while...hence the ramen noodles and pot pie Since I'm young (30...that's still young, right?!?!) and single, I can't afford much, but since I'm a chick, I have an eye for a deal!!! It's a foreclosure, due to a mortgage fraud scheme, but it was built in 05 and no one has ever lived in it. It's tax appraisal last year was $148K. I'm getting it for $112. Instant equity...YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! And, no, I'm not doing the interest only thing.

Ms. K
03-15-2007, 4:37 PM
Oh, and as far as the yard thing....there's this company called

03-15-2007, 4:42 PM
Wow! Great deal you found yourself... Maybe you should go into real estate :thumbs:

03-15-2007, 4:57 PM
30 is young... younger than me anyway and it sound's like you got a great deal. Finding a home in ATL under 200k these days isn't easy.

Ms. K
03-15-2007, 7:36 PM
Yeah, well...I'm in Athens, so it's not quite as hard. It's was extremely difficult to find something decent in my price range though! It's kind of hard taking that step when you're in my situation. Don't get me wrong...I'm not whining and I'm not in a bad situation. I'm just in a young, single teacher Young, single teacher = not a lot of money...enough, but not a lot.

03-15-2007, 7:40 PM
I bought my first house when I was making 35k a year and paid 120k for it. I know all about veggie soup sales at Kroger.

Ms. K
03-15-2007, 7:52 PM
I bought my first house when I was making 35k a year and paid 120k for it. I know all about veggie soup sales at Kroger.

HA HA!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-15-2007, 8:09 PM
Well from my time in college you can always spice up ramen with hot sauce. I prefer Crystal's hot sauce. Not to mention you can always break an egg into it while it boiling. Great for extra protein.

03-15-2007, 8:18 PM
Congrats Ms. K!!!!
...but like all other new additions; where's the pics!???!

03-15-2007, 11:18 PM
Amazon actually sells a cook book for ramen noodles... I think there's also one for Twinkies. Owning a house is great... for my next move, I'm gonna try to find one I can build an elaborate fish room in.

03-15-2007, 11:22 PM
Yea, had I started this hobby before I bought my house, things would have been ALOT different.

Equipment room=:thumbs:

Congrats on the house!

03-16-2007, 12:01 AM
Remember....I work for Bed Bath & Beyond!!! I think you will need our services.:)

Ms. K
03-16-2007, 8:46 PM
Ha Ha!!! I can't afford your services right now Let's Oh geez...this is such a cookie cutter house. It's not what I want, but it's perfect for my current situation and will get me what I want later.

03-16-2007, 9:10 PM
awww it's so cute! I want one!!!!

Ms. K
03-17-2007, 9:30 PM
awww it's so cute! I want one!!!!

HA!!!! Yeah, right!!! It really is a good house. It's immaculate on the inside...perfectly clean and essentially brand new. I guess I'm still just a bit of a country girl. I want land and privacy. I want to hear the birds and crickets chirping and hear/smell/feel the spring breezes rustling through the leaves....hear the distant whir of traffic, but only see a car every hour or so. Ah...heaven!!

Of course, I'm planning to rent out a room...Athens is a great place to be, Tony ;)

03-18-2007, 12:02 AM
Hmm.... Athens is a bit far... but I have considered a roommate recently...

Ms. K
03-18-2007, 8:51 PM
I REALLY don't want to have a roommate! But I'll need to have one to make life a bit more Otherwise, I'll be roughing ARC. What's the world coming to??!?!?!

03-19-2007, 9:29 AM
That is a really cute house! Congrats! But, if you are single...why is there a MINIVAN in the driveway, LOL. I can understand how things will be tight. When I bought my house (the one I am presently living in) I wasn't making much money, so I know how it is! Just wish my house was a bit newer...


03-19-2007, 9:53 AM
As my brother said when I bought my first house: "Welcome to the landed gentry."

Ms. K
03-19-2007, 9:16 PM
Thanks, guys! Kevin, I have no idea who that van belongs That's actually the picture off the MLS listing, so it's probably the agent's van or a bank employee's van. I hope to never drive a Then again, I also hope to never have kids...they make patches for that sort of thing!

Ms. K
03-22-2007, 8:50 PM
My sister thinks I should register somewhere for housewarming gifts...does ARC have a registry??? LOL ;)

03-22-2007, 9:41 PM
what frags do you want? I am sure we will donate

Ms. K
03-22-2007, 9:52 PM
LOL... I need the kind that you can sit on in the living room, eat on in the dining room, and dry off with after a shower.

03-22-2007, 10:05 PM
i guess fire coral and plate coral will work for you

Ms. K
03-23-2007, 10:52 PM