View Full Version : New Products Lines and Monthly Specials!

10-13-2009, 11:48 AM
Over the past 2 months we have added hundreds of new products to our website. Here is a list of the latest products that we have added to ( Please click on the "Manufactures" drop down menu on the home page to see all of the product lines that we carry.


Aqua UV - UV Sterilizers and UV accessories

Aqua FX- Water Filtration

Carib Sea - Substrate

Current - Lighting, Aquariums and other Aquarium Products

Blueline - Pumps

SeaClear/Casco - Aquariums and Aquarium Accessories

HM Digital - Hand Held Testers

IceCap - New T5 lamps and T5/LED Fixtures!

JBJ - Titanium Heaters & Controllers

Reef Brite - Metal Halide Dual Arc lamps, LED Fixtures and LED Metal Halide Pendants

Two Little Fishes - Reactors, Food, Additives, and Aquarium Accessories

Aquaeon - Food, Water Conditioners and Aquarium Accessories

Red Sea - Aquariums, Additives, Test and other Various Products

Tencor Aquariums - Unique Aquariums


SpectraPure - Sale prices on most replacement cartridges and other products.

Warner Marine K2 Skimmer

Vertex Cone Skimmers - We have one more batch of Cone Skimmers arriving and once these are gone the Sale will end.

Sunlight Supply - Blue Wave Ballasts are all on sale.
And Much More....