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03-09-2007, 3:20 PM
My name is Alexis Roberts and I am currently enrolled at the Art Institute of Atlanta. I am currently in my senior year, which means I am working on my senior project. For my senior project I have decided to create a beginner's guide for saltwater. If I could get the help of the Atlanta Reef Club filling out a quick survey about features of the book you would like to see I would much appreciate it.

Here is a little more about me before I post. I too keep a saltwater tank. I have a one hundred and ten gallon tank which I currently have set up in a Berlin Method filtration. I am hosting a few mushrooms, green star polyps and xenia that amazingly I have yet to damage. I have a mated pair of clown fish, a yellow jaw fish, a blue and yellow damsel, and a few others. I keep pictures of my tank here:

Now one with the survey. If you would like to email me privately you can do so at
Again I would like to thank everyone who takes the time to participate!


or Phone Number:

19 – 25
26 – 30
31 – 40

Level Education Completed:
high school some college associates bachelors masters

Do you own an aquarium? Yes or No
What size tank?

What style of aquarium do you own?
Freshwater Brackish Saltwater

How long have you kept an aquarium?

What resources do you use as references for your aquarium?
Local Fish Store
Professional in the hobby
Bulletin Boards
Online References
Other Hobbyists
Other (please explain):

Do you find it difficult to locate information on the following types of information?

Equipment Set-up:
Yes No Sometimes

Equipment Maintenance:
Yes No Sometimes
Equipment based on tank size:
Yes No Sometimes

Filtration Methods:
Yes No Sometimes

Tank Maintenance:
Yes No Sometimes
Information on Fish: Yes No Sometimes
Information on Corals: Yes No Sometimes

Which of the following attributes do you prefer books about keeping a Saltwater Tank to have?


Color print
Black/White print

Charts Forms
Digital Files of Charts/Forms

Hard back book
Soft back book

In what price range would you more likely be willing to purchase a soft cover saltwater book?
$15.99 - $20 $21.99 - $25 $25.99 - $30 $31.99 - $35
$35.99 - $40

In what price range would you more likely be willing to purchase a hard cover saltwater book?
$15.99 - $20 $21.99 - $25 $25.99 - $30 $31.99 - $35
$35.99 - $40

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I have a recommendation for you... Not sure if this will be free or if it'll cost you $20 a month... but you can make an easy to use survey on which may give you more responses.