View Full Version : Warehouse Aquarium Specials Sneak Peek

The Fish Store
09-12-2009, 4:32 AM
Here are some of the specials for this weekend:

Neon Green Candy Coral $19.95
Small Blue Regal Tang $24.99
Small Naso Tang $25.99
Red Rhinopius $199
M/L Gold Puffer $99
Large Clown Trigger $99
Oceanic 29 Biocube with stand $399.95
Oceanic 14 Biocube with stand $299.95
Marineland Bio Cube 60 24"x24" with overflow and stand $699.95
Current Curved Glass tank, stand, filter, skimmer, light $599.95
Tropic Marin Test Kits 40% off
Instant Ocean Bucket $39.99

And Lots, Lots More!!! Get here early while supplies last!