View Full Version : 5/29/09 - Website Updated and Newsletter Sent!

05-29-2009, 1:41 PM
We've got new livestock in, and more coming tomorrow!

Great special this week on Margarita Snails! $0.49 each or 5 for $1.99 while supplies last!

Scarlet Reef Hermits $2.49

Zebra Turbos, Bumblebee Snails, fat Cleaner Shrimp and much more!

Check out our highlights page at

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Reef Life Magazine now in stock - featuring an article by Jake Adams.
Ricordea Yuma - HUGE!
Eagle Eye Zoanthids
Red Finned Fairy Wrasse & African Algae Blenny
Margarita Snails... CHEAP!

We also have a clean-up crew special - see this week's newsletter for details!

Have a great week!