View Full Version : ARC Sponsors - please contact us to open your forum

11-27-2004, 3:24 PM
ARC sponsors,
We have provided a forum here on the ARC message board for you to post your special offers for ARC members, announcements and answer questions about your products and/or services.

We are still working on posting etiquette for our message board but you will basicaly be allowed to post any special offers and other announcements in your forum. You will also be able to create "Sticky announcements" and other moderator functions. Members will be able to post comments and feedback about their experience with you as a sponsor.

Please take a moment to contact me via email ( or PM me and I will get you set up as a moderator with your forum.

This will be a great opportunity for our sponsors to get to know club members and their needs in the marine and reef aquarium hobby. :D