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10-24-2004, 6:16 PM
Any of you that have ever used Liquid Reactor from Kent Marine, have experienced the product hardness at the bottom of the bottle. I have several LFS tell me that it has past its shelf life. According to one that I purchased from told me it was normal. After not finding an expiration date, I thought, hmm there could be some merit to this! After many atempts to mix the product, I decided to take a different approach. I took my 64 oz. bottle to my local Home Depot and ask if they sold (1) gallon paint bucketws that had the nifty pour spout designeed in the lid! They did! I then asked if they would allow me to cut my container open and empty the entire contents in to one of the paint cans and shake it up for me. They were happy to, and very interested in the request. meanwhile, as I was waiting a gentleman behind me ask if I had a tank. He happened to work for Kent locally and went on to explain that they are trying to developr the same product that would not seperate as this one did. So Ironic!! Anyway the trick worked! My 64 oz. bottle of liquid reator was back to normal, thanks to the helpful people at home depot... Just a little tip!


Rick Parker