View Full Version : Everyone must be shopping~

12-19-2008, 9:16 PM
Cuz they sure aren't in here!

Is anybody out there? Can anybody hear me?

12-19-2008, 9:20 PM
Guilty as charged! I actually went shopping today, first Christmas shopping I have done. I just haven't felt like shopping.

I am also working on putting together a new tank! :yay: Nothing special. A 30 gallon, taking all of the small tanks I have and combining them into a real tank. My clowns are going to be happy.

So .. next ..


12-19-2008, 9:25 PM
I'm wrapping the boys presents- I'm done shopping!! Yay! I hate Christmas shopping :( Too many stupid people in the world behind the wheel (be it car or cart!)

12-19-2008, 9:32 PM
We pretty much got our shopping done around thanksgiving. We did get out and pick up a few stocking stuffers today though.

12-19-2008, 11:33 PM
Just got home from the airport.You figure as many boarding passes as they do everyday they would get quicker at getting them to you.