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Creation Reef & Aquatics
12-10-2008, 12:26 PM
We will have a pallet of H2Ocean Pro+ in this Friday 12-10-08. I am running it on special as a way to launch the salt.

23 KG 14.6 Pounds Bucket $86.99
6.6 KG 50.7 Pounds Bucket $26.99
SALE will run through the end of December.

Check It Out at ( for more details

H2Ocean Pro+ is a new pro formula aquarium salt - produced by a solar evaporative process which produces a totally natural base salt where all of the main and trace elements are in complete balance as nature intended.

The pure natural salt is then specially enhanced for aquarium use by elevating specific elements that over time become depleted, such as calcium and magnesium which are used by corals and coralline algae for growth.

Free from Nitrate and Phosphate.

The formulation for H2Ocean+ salt has been developed by D-D following many months of testing and evaluation. The salt is designed to dissolve quickly and easily and to have a specific chemistry which in our opinion is the optimum formulation to maintain a healthy reef and allow regular water changes whilst maintaining a natural balance.

Calcium and Magnesium levels are boosted to replace that used up through coral growth within the aquarium whereas chloride levels are slightly lowered to allow post additions of calcium and magnesium chloride with a minimized affect on the chloride balance.

Parameters when mixed to a S.G: of 1.025 @ 25C = 35.5 ppt

ParametersLevelRangeUnitspH8.38.2-8.4 dKH9.38.7-9.8 Calcium (Ca2+)440430-460mg/lMagnesium (Mg2+)13401300-1380mg/lChloride (Cl-)1955019960-20130mg/lPotassium (K+)410380-420mg/l

H2Ocean Pro+ salt is recommended for use with Reverse Osmosis water or soft water with a calcium level lower than 30 mg/l. As the calcium level in H2Ocean+ is already enhanced to 440 mg/l then mixing with hard tap water which contains additional calcium may raise the concentration above normal recommended levels and cause the calcium to precipitate out of solution.

RO water removes undesirable ions like phosphate and nitrate from your tap water which otherwise would contribute to nuisance algae in your aquarium.

D-D manufactures a range of Reverse Osmosis units which are available from your retailer.

Many salts concentrate on boosting calcium levels and ignore magnesium levels.

Maintenance of the correct magnesium concentration is equally important in a reef aquarium and will make it much easier to maintain stable calcium, pH and alkalinity.

Using a clean container:

Add 1 Kg of H2Ocean+ to 24.2 litres of water ( 1 Lb to 2.9 U.S. Gallons )
Mix well until all of the salt is dissolved and the solution is clear.
We recommend that you aerate for 24 hours and bring to temperature before use.
Check the S.G. before addition to the aquarium.
If required add more salt or water to obtain the correct S.G. reading.
Remember that S.G. changes with temperature.D-D recommends the use of a portable refractometer for accurate and consistent measurement of the S.G. of your salt solution.

*23Kg Bucket for 575 - 690 lts (50.7 lbs for 152 - 182 US Gallons)


James S.
12-10-2008, 12:43 PM
Here is a chart from the link you may be easier for people to see what the stats are..........

Parameters when mixed to a S.G: of 1.025 @ 25C = 35.5 ppt

Creation Reef & Aquatics
12-11-2008, 7:55 AM
I agree. Thanks!

12-11-2008, 9:41 AM
Same people that make deltec skimmers makes this salt right?

Creation Reef & Aquatics
12-11-2008, 4:37 PM
Yes, that is correct they make deltec, as well as Rowa Phos. It is very high quality salt from an extremely reputable company. I have the smaller buckets as well, give it try and see the results, you will be impressed.


Creation Reef & Aquatics
12-12-2008, 11:47 AM
The PD to KG conversion on the first post is switched.

Correction Below
23 KG is 50.7 Pounds
6.6KG is 14.6 Pound

Creation Reef & Aquatics
12-12-2008, 3:32 PM
Bump, Come get this salt it is amazing!

12-12-2008, 5:40 PM
It's good salt. It has one of the higher levels of potassium on the market which is a good thing... I used it to help get my potassium issues under control. Now I don't have to dose bananas anymore :). Also... its made in Israel... its one of the few Israeli imports I've ever seen... dunno why but I just thought that was interesting.

Creation Reef & Aquatics
12-12-2008, 8:56 PM
I did not know that the salt was made in Israel, that is neat fact. Yes bananas are a good source of potassium, but tend to clog up the skimmer. I appreciate your kind words about the salt, I here people whispering your name and talking about Jin's amazing reef tank over by the store's coral bins. Love to see the tank in person some time. I put 16 T5's over the store's 400 gallon coral tank, I am thinking about mixing in some ATI bulbs. Thanks again!