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10-30-2008, 7:03 PM
So Im now debating switching to a nano instead of getting out all together. If I do Ill order the tank tonight but...

Im looking for something that is totally self contained, something that doesnt need outside equiptment. Im fine with water changes and suppliments obviously.

Im looking at this:

But am concerned about the heating issues. Does anyone know? Also, any other ideas, I would like to be able to have corals although hard corals arent required (but would like). Also with a nano like that, what else would I need equiptment wise?

10-30-2008, 7:45 PM
If you are concern about having heat issue and dont' want to fiddle with a chiller. I highly recommend a Solana. It is open top, comes with halide and pretty much self contained.

10-30-2008, 9:02 PM
It really depends on what the ambient temp is on you house. I say that if you keep your house on the cooler side it probably wont be a problem. Even the salona heats up if you have higher temps in your house like high 70s. If your interested in looking at the Nano HQI Salt water city has one in there shop right now and you wont have to pay/wait on shipping.

10-30-2008, 9:19 PM
I had a 29g biocube that i added a 96w pc in the hood. Thats 2 36w and 1 96w pc. I keep it pretty cool in the house and left the back of the tank open for air-flow. The tank stayed at 80 degrees.
I imagine thats about the same heat the halide would put off but the biocube opens differently so I would look into mods for an extra fan. I think you could keep it consistant at 80-82 which is exceptable given stability but the extra fan would give you a little room for error.

10-31-2008, 12:20 AM
get the Elos mini, has the LED light and temp is not high at all on my setup. More money but you don't have to upgrade anything and just add a small powerhead and you are done. Even comes with a glass sump.

Michael Ruppert
10-31-2008, 12:59 PM
I have a 29 Bio Cube, but if I had to start again I would spend more money and purchase the Solens 34. Dr. Fosters and Smith has them for $799.00

10-31-2008, 1:04 PM
I just purchased that unit less stand for $299 @ the Petsmart in Roswell (King rd & 92):yay: . I haven't set it up yet but I like the design.

10-31-2008, 1:54 PM
Id say if your gonna spend that much spend a little extra and get a Solana, i love mine and have had 0 issues with heat plus they look way classier then the nanocubes in my opinion

10-31-2008, 2:53 PM
You can get the nanocube HQI with the stand for under 500 at SWC if your an ARC member:up: . To each his own I guess but I personally like the Nano HQI better than the salona. It wont evap as much, you wont splash water out when cleaning and it even comes with a wavemaker.

11-01-2008, 9:06 AM
With thully enclosed top that comes on that nano cube you will most likely see heat issues, even if you keep your house on the cool side. I have the 24g Aquapod and I originally bought the enclosed lid. It was much better on evap (very little that is) and the lighting was sufficient for softies and such, but, heat was a concern. It was consistently in the low to mid 80's and this was toward the end of summer (September) when I set it up.

I upgraded my lights (the wife wanted clams :) ) to the current Nova Extreme 108w 10k T5's) with the glass top and my temps are now consistently 79-80. There is more evap but the lighting is much better too.

IMO, any of the nanos with enclosed lids are going to have more potential for heat problems esp if you have enough lighting for hard corals, whereas the more open/glass topped nanos will have more evap.

Hope this helps!