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12-21-2006, 9:00 AM
Hey Everybody;

You have a great Board here and I appreciate the ability to post.
We just had a fantastic IMAC this year and broke all records for the number of attendees and exhibitors. If you have never attended a major reef aquarist’s conference let me give you some idea of what to expect. There are 3 days of lectures by some of the world’s best-known experts and authors in the hobby. You can ask them questions after their presentations or get together with them later in the bar or any time you run into them in the hotel. We already have experts like

Martin Moe
Scott Michael
Eric Borneman
Anthony Calfo
Dr. Ron Shimek
Tullio Dell Aquila
Bob Fenner,
Kelly Jedlicki
Dr. Markus Huettel
Mark Schick
Frank Burr
Steven Pro
Joe Lichtenbert
Dr. Andrew Rhyne
Dr. Sanjay Joshi

lined up. Some speakers will be discussing advanced topics, of interest primarily to experienced reefers, others will be discussing topics of interest to new hobbyists. There is also a large exhibit hall with displays by major manufacturers and livestock dealers (with fabulous prices and great deals). They will be showing products you NEVER see in your LFS. And there is the Big Raffle with prizes donated by the exhibitors. But, for many people, the best part is getting together with other hobbyists and all the partying that is going on.

The next International Marine Aquarium Conference will be on June 1, 2 and 3, 2007 in Chicago at the Crowne Plaza O’Hare. We now have an Early Bird registration for just $125 (just for another month, then it goes to $149) that covers everything, including the Gala Banquet on Saturday night and the Speakers’ Reception on Friday night where you can mingle with the speakers and other attendees.

So hurry over to the IMAC website ( and sign up for what we believe will be THE event of the year for reef aquarium hobbyists.

Happy Reefkeeping,